Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rediscovering Sizzlers!

To say that Sizzler Grill Cafe fueled my fondness for barbecued chicken is an understatement.  Our family, having been loyal patrons of this nondescript resto in Glorietta since waaayy back, carry such happy, delicious memories of this place that when the infamous mall blast episode happened, this fave resto of ours, along with a number of establishments, closed shop with neither a word as to their new location.

However, with the renovation of Cash n Carry Mall in Makati, came with them a rebirth and reintroduction of the Sizzler Grill Cafe line that we have come to enjoy and love!  Oh happy days!  =)

A definite must-try is their chicken barbecue (Php138), of course.  Coupled with java rice, atchara and soup, this truly is comfort food heaven!

They also offer a baby back ribs (Php149) version, also as tasty as their fowl line.

Sizzler Grill Cafe also has other offerings for those who are not too fond of barbecued meats.

Did I also mention their great dessert options?  Halo-halo bursting with rekados, saba con yelo with lots and lots of milk, to name a few. 

There is, however, a big difference from their old store in Glorietta.  I am very pleased to note that their servie staff are much better trained now in the new store as compared to those in the old one.  Very nice!


Sizzler Grill Cafe
Ground Floor, Cash n Carry Mall
Pres. Sergio Osmeña Sr. Highway, Barangay Palanan,
Makati City, Philippines


  1. We too have a similar outlet with the same name.

  2. Nava K: Really? Seems the name is a favorite among establishments. We have quite a few restos here in RP also sporting the same name as well. =)

  3. I would have ordered saba con yelo... I haven't tried that in a while. :D

  4. @Chew: Yup! We weren't able to order during this trip because we were already full. Maybe next time. =)


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