Friday, May 6, 2011

And the Yogurt Wars Continue: fruttiYogurt

Yogurt is a healthy alternative to those heavy cream-ladened ice cream concoctions in the market.  And with our society tilting towards a more healthier way of living, it's no wonder that yogurt places are popping out of nowhere, invading our senses even as we speak (I personally compare them to alien mutations that just appear like magic out of thin air.  Hehehe!)

But I digress.  Regardless of my maniacal theories, I will be the first to admit that I love yogurt and all of it's frutty goodness.  It's the family's go-to dessert when eating out.

And so I present another contender in the yogurt wars -- fruttiYogurt!

Now, unlike other yogurt shops in the Metro where the toppings are dumped on top of the product, fruttiYogurt also provides you with an option to blend in your chosen condiments into the yogurt itself.  For those suffering from OCD, this could definitely work out for you.  =)

There is a wide selction of frozen fruits available to meet everyone's preferences.

I've been reading lots of articles saying that frozen fruit is actually as good as a fresh, just peeled/opened one since all the nutrients are kept intact from the time of picking.  Preserved types are, oftentimes, loaded with tons of sugar (I am convinced!  Just watch Ina Garten --the Barefoot Contessa -- do one of her famous jams on tv!).  As such, this is a definite plus in my book.

For those with a sweeter tooth and wanting a little more crunch, fruttiYogurt does keep the usual chocolate bits and cereal mixes for added texture.

Plain yogurt cups sell for Php60 (small) to Php110 (large), while a Frutti Yogurt blend goes for Php75 (1 topping) to Php120 (2 toppings).  Additional toppings can also be added for an extra Php10 to 15 depending on the chosen additive.


I do have just one gripe.   I wish they'd change their spoons.  They currently use those cheap types with the really rough edges.  Kids could get hurt using that.  =)


Ground Floor
Cash N Carry Mall
Makati City, Philippines


  1. I wish there's a good yogurt place that sells a lot cheaper cup of yogurt :( They're so pricey.

  2. @Chew: I hear you. Some are just really too expensive. But with those self-serve types like Tutti Frutti, you can more or less control the amount you put in your cup, hence less expense. Yun nga lang baka mabitin. Hehehe! =)


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