Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Get Rewards Simply by Exercising! The S2H Reply Watch

Whoever said that losing and maintaining a normal weight was all fun and games sure isn't right in the head.  Having battled with weight issues my whole life, I know firsthand how hard it is trying to eat healthy and living an active lifestyle, what with everything else that requires your constant attention as well.

All experts agree that one important trick in achieving one's weight loss goals is to have the right motivation.  Whether it be for health concerns or for vanity reasons, having the proper motivation will ensure that your drive won't wane and you continue on regardless of the hardships.

But what if there's a product that not only monitors your daily exercise but rewards you for pushing yourself further?  I present the Step2Health (S2H) Replay watch!

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The S2H Replay watch is an ingenious device that monitors your daily physical activities.  Every 60 minutes of exercise generates a Reward code that can then be redeemed in any of S2H's partner establishments.  These points can be exchanged for items like Target gift cards, spa certificates and discounts to various services and products.

Available in the US for $19.95, it also comes in a variety of colors that can fit your every mood.

I haven't heard this product being brought here yet in the Philippines, but wouldn't it be so cool to have one?  Its good motivation for doing something extremely advisable for your health and well-being!


To learn more about this product, visit their website at

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