Friday, May 20, 2011

Dusit Thani Manila Views (3 of 3)

One thing I really regret was that I wasn't able to bring my DLSR camera during our stay in Dusit Thani Manila.  But since I was gonna have a hard time lugging it around, what with the heavy bag and netbook I was already bringing, I had no other choice but to leave my baby at home. 

Woe is me!  For when hubby and I went around the hotel grounds the following morning, we were met with a quite a few amazing sights that could have made perfect portraits!  And so working with what I did have on hand (a point-and-shoot Sony digicam), here's just a few pictures of the hotel gardens and their pool area:

Orchids are everywhere!  Placed in teeny, tiny glass vases.  So cute!

Photos from the hotel's Japanese garden.  It was a little small but loaded with lots and lots of flowers and plants.  Perfect for macro shots!

Another tip though, the garden is located near Pasay Road so you'll have to contend with the smoke blechers and jeepney noises later on during the day.  To avoid these, make sure you visit early in the morning.

Dusit Thani Manila's Umu restaurant, which serves Japanese cuisine, has seats and tables available in the garden for those who prefer al fresco dinning.

Of course, the ever-present Koi pond is there, as well.

I so love macro shots of flowers.  My next DSLR lens investmet would probably be a really good quality macro lens.  Here's hoping and praying I may finally save enough to purchase one!  =)

The hotel pool is also a scene to behold.  With Thai-inspired statues and wooden decks, it's the perfect place for lounging.

And so ends my series of entries about our staycation at Dusit Thani Manila!  =)

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