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My Blow-Up Babies (BUB) Experience

I've mentioned in a previous post that I purchased a discount voucher from for a 1-hour photo session (includes 2 8x10 prints) with Blow-Up Babies (BUB) in Serendra, Taguig City, all for only Php800

And as promised, I am now detailing my personal experience with them in this post.  =)

I have long been wrestling with the idea of having some maternity/pregnancy shots of me taken, sort of as a souvenir of the times I has in the motherly way, so the chance to purchase their services at a discount came as such a welcome and unexpected blessing (BUB, like other establishments offering the same services, may be a little costly (1-hour photo sessions charged at around Php500 and prints around Php900 to 4,000 per sheet, depending on the size.)

First off was to set up an appoint, which went easy enough.  I just called their office, got a really nice receptionist on the line and made my reservation up front.  What's nice about them as well is that they send out text messages before the day of the shoot to remind you of your appointment.  Very nice service, if you ask me.

I also love the fact that they're very punctual and considerate.  My mom and I arrived around 15 minutes early (before the shop even opened) and the staff readily allowed us to wait inside. 

Dont'cha just love the decor?  =)

I was also given the chance to browse through a few photo samples to get a feel of what I wanted in my photo.  Like every other pregnant woman, I, too, gained a few inevitable pounds hence was a little uncomfortable with some of my body parts (most especially my arms!  Argh!) and those darn stretchmarks.  I told this to my photographer upfront and she readily suggest a few poses that she thought I might like.

I originally wanted just a photo of my belly with my hands cradling it, but Chit, the photographer assigned to me, convinced me to try a few half body shots (arms and all, plus only a simple tube covering my wiggly bits!  Heaven forbid!)  In spite of my apprehensions, I thought I really didn't have anything to loose (considering it was a 1-hour photo session and there were only too many poses you can do with a tummy and hands.  Hehehe!)

The ends results were great!  Extreme shyness and modesty (plus both the Hubby and I feel that these are personal shots to be shared only with family) prevents me from sharing the actual photos here, but if you'll take the time to browse through this very short BUB album, you'll more or less get the feel of the look I was aiming for.  I like the subtle sepia look.  Was originally going for a black and white motif to make it look more dramatic but I think this works just as well.

My Php800 voucher also came with 2 8x10 prints which I was able to pick up after a few days.  Their SOP dictates that it should be within 10 days, but due to the typhoons that plagued us recently, they were a little delayed.  They do provide feedback from time to time which was really very considerate of them.  Oh!  And I loved the fact that they were not trying to sell me "additional" items or services.  They just readily answered my questions and gave me the answers to items I was interested in.

One thing I did not like though was the fact that I was not informed beforehand to bring as many accessories as I deemed necessary since when I made the reservation and asked if I needed to, I was told that they had enough already.  Imagine my surprise when my photographer kept asking me if I had this and that.  Hay!  But it's ok since I really wanted a very simple photo anyway.  =)

All in all, I would say I had a good Blow-Up Babies experience, and will definitely take my little one there for her baby studio picture as well.  Although I will have to shell out around Php1,400 (original price) for a session and an 8x10 print.  Hmm... Hope another voucher offer comes up again soon.  =)


Blow-Up Babies
2/F Shops at Serendra,
Bonifacio Global City, The Fort
Taguig, Philippines

(632) 909-7998/909-7999


  1. i'm looking for sample pictures. hehe! dream ko din to kaso i had puppp when i was pregnant so di natuloy.

  2. @michi: Try their site. Its really nice. Sorry medyo nahihiya ako ipost yung sa akin kasi. Hehehe! =D

  3. Nice! I'd love to see your photos though, para cute :) I think I'll recommend this to my friend. :)

  4. @My Sassy Chef: Really have to apologize for that. My hubby isn't comfortable as well with me posting the photos. Its a family only thing daw. Hehehe! But take my word for it, they're really good. You're find will definitely enjoy the experience. =)

  5. aww. sayang you don't have pics. i was looking forward pa naman to see their actual pics.. but it's ok. i'm glad you were satisfied with the output. =)

  6. @ayen: Have to convince hubby muna. Hehehe! =)

  7. yeah their decors are nice. sayang i thought you're gonna post your pictures. :)

  8. Where are the photos? Hihi. Wanna see them too! :D

  9. ^ convince your hubby sis, pati na rin si baby, share mo picture. hehe! congrats! enjoy motherhood. =)

  10. ^Ayaw talaga mga sis. Hehehe! But trust me. It was a really good experience. =)

  11. i understand about you not sharing photos hehehe. my website has no clear shots of our faces. hubby's only request when i started blogging:-).

    but your experience and the fact that you got souvenirs from a professional studio for your pregnancy is really something.

  12. @wendy: Actaully there was no condition between us to hide our faces when blogging. Our pics have actually been shown in different entries already. Hehehe! What he feels strongly about are posting these particular pics since I'm almost half-naked. Hehehe! =D

  13. ^Understandable naman sis. It's a treasure to have such memories captured in a photo diba?

  14. @Pinay Mom: I agree. If there's one thing I learned from my friends, you can never have too many photos to capture those fleeting moments in life. =)


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