Friday, January 25, 2013

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen (A Singapore Food Post)

I'm not much of a fan of KFC here in Singapore (reasons of which I have stated in my previous post here); but I do so love my commercially-produced fried chicken.  So instead of the 11 herbs and spices one I'd usually indulge in in the Philippines, here I get my fowl fix with a Cajun twist and a biscuit on the side.

For you see, folks, while here in the Lion City, my fried chicken fast food brand of choice is Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen.

Popeyes @ Jubilee Square, Singapore

If memory serves me right, I had my first taste of a Popeyes' fried chicken in the early 2000s.  There was a branch in Robinson's Place Manila where the Madir, the Bro, and I had lunch one scorching sunny day after school.

It was not, however, love at first bite.  Having been so used to our KFC food version (which I've been loving since the early days when they were still serving rolls and not rice), the taste of a Popeyes' chicken just didn't sit well with me.  Plus I hated the bland biscuit, so different from the KFC roll of yore.

But since moving here in the Lion City and having been wholly dissatisfied with the Colonel's version here, the well-meaning Husband bought me to a Popeyes branch and the rest, as they say, is history.

2pcs Bonafide® chicken combo meal

My second taste of a Popeyes chicken, coupled with coleslaw and their signature biscuit (slathered with a generous spoonful of strawberry jam, please) has resulted in a once-a-month love affair that I just can't seem to ignore.

Their 2pcs Bonafide® chicken combo meal, which comes with a biscuit, choice of side and drink (sells for S$8.30/Php273.90*); is now my favorite fast food fried chicken meal.

Chicken and biscuit

Chicken pieces here are huge!  But that doesn't stop me from finishing 2 in one sitting (I'm such a glutton.  J)  The biscuit is as bland as I remember it to be; but add a little lot of strawberry jam along with a piece of chicken, and you have yourself one flavorful combination.

Unlimited Heinz strawberry jam is available when dining-in

Can't beat the coleslaw here too.  A little mild but definitely tasty.  Their Cajun fries are also favorites, especially of the Little One who loves eating them with ketchup.

Cajun fries

Ahhh... yes.  Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen -- temporarily satisfying my KFC (Philippines' version) fast food fried chicken cravings since May 2012 (although they've been in operations in Singapore much longer than that.)  J



Popeyes @ Jubilee Square
61 Ang Mio Kio Ave. 8
#01-05/06, Jubilee Ent. Complex
Singapore 563814
T          +65 6456 6522

Please visit (link here) for a list of their branches.


Planning to visit?  Drop by my "Getting Around Singapore" post (click here) for more details on how to get around the Lion City.

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