Friday, January 18, 2013

A Gravy-less KFC Meal in Singapore

In Singapore, there's no such thing as free, unlimited gravy (in KFC, that is).

KFC at Marina Square mall in Singapore

Yes, folks.  You've read it right.  And unfortunately, I'm not kidding (how I wish I was).

When ordering a meal here at KFC, gravy isn't usually included.  Yes, they do add it on mashed potatoes; but not as a part of your finger lickin' meal.  Yes, I hear you.  I know it's one of the best parts, yadda yadda yadda; but here you just have to settle for a gravy-less, KFC dining experience.

The most basic combo is the 2-piece chicken meal which includes a drink and 2 sides (S$6.95/Php229.35*)

Source: KFC Singapore website

Now aside from the gravy, they also do not usually offer rice with their combo meals (a bit weird, if you ask me, since rice is just as much a staple fare here as it is in the Philippines).  There are special cases, though, like when they started offering their KFC rice meal with original recipe chicken (S$6.30/Php207.90*) which, would you believe, is their very first rice meal offering ever here in Singapore(?!).

KFC rice meal with original recipe chicken

Composed of crispy chicken fillet pieces and a serving of rice.  Also comes complete with gravy (finally!) and a side of greens (mostly lettuce and a slice of tomato).  Patrons are given a choice of either having the original recipe or spicy tomato sauce with their meal.

Now, I'm a huge fan of our local (Philippines) KFC's one-piece chicken and rice meal (thigh part only, if you please).  That, coupled with a side of coleslaw is what makes my lunch so much enjoyable.  But for the KFC here?  Not so much.

It's not just because of their gravy-less meals.  It's the fact that the food tastes so much unlike ours! You aren't missing out on much, believe me.  Not only does the gravy taste different (which usually comes with button mushroom bits), so does their fried chicken (not really bland but a little less... tastier and juicier?) and coleslaw (which comes with a really strong onion taste).

It's an acquired taste, something that actually took me months to finally appreciate.  If you've gotten so used to our own KFC food versions, then these here catering to the Singaporean palate is quite a ways from what we are familiar with.

But as I said, it is an acquired preference.  We have a friend here who's son grew up eating KFC here and well, let's just say the kiddo didn't become a fan when he finally did get a taste of our local version.  To each his own, I guess.

Finger lickin' good?


Visit the KFC Singapore website (link here) for their complete list of branches.


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  1. I must agree, the taste of fastfood meals vary. When we went to Macau, I dislike the McDonalds coffee, hindi ko mainom sa sobrang pait.

    Love ko pa naman unlimited gravy ng KFC. Ganyan din yata sa Kota Kinabalu, ketchup ang meron.

  2. buti na lang andito ako sa Phils! Ginagawa ko kasing soup ang gravy..kulang na lang humingi ako ng mushroom pang lagay sa gravy at talagang soup na sya :)

  3. ang mahal ng kfc diyan! iba talaga sa pinas XD

  4. I thought the original recipe can't be modified, anyway it's their business. Kinda intriguing that they aren't too crazy with gravy there. :)

  5. good thing we didn't eat at KFC when we were in singapore! yun pa naman masarap, yung gravy! :P

  6. really?...hahaha ill visit the kfc store tomorrow and eat lots of gravy just to makes sure i am cherishing the moments with the gravy on...hahaha



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