Friday, November 23, 2012

Warm Bodies: A Zombified Romantic Comedy

You've read it right.  A movie about a romantic love story between a zombie and a human being... uhhh... right...

Source: IMDb website

I was blog hopping one day and came across an entry by Geek Pinoy about the movie, Warm Bodies, based on an Isaac Marion book of the same title.  Apparently its a romantic comedy about a member of the living dead named R, who falls in love with a breathing human being.

First thing that comes to my mind?  I think we've finally snapped.  Are we that desperate for entertainment?  But after watching the trailer, I do say it has promise.

What do you think?  J


  1. Wahhh this is so cool! thanks for sharing x)
    I need to read this book now .___.

  2. This looks interesting because it's a zombie movie with a twist. :D Thanks for sharing. Can't wait for February.


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