Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ode to IKEA Singapore -- The EATS Edition!

IKEA's well-known for their Swedish meatballs -- round pieces of meat, bread crumbs, and secret spices; usually served with gravy and boiled potatoes.  But, in my opinion, they have so much more to offer than just balls.

IKEA restaurant at their Tampines branch

Located within IKEA stores are their restaurants that offer a temporary place to rest your weary feet before continuing on your shopping spree.


And since this is IKEA, expect the (un)usual conveniences set in place as only a store of their caliber can dream up of.  For instance, have you ever since something like these in any other food establishment?

A 3 tier tray trolley

A 3 tier tray trolley!  Just the thing you need when ordering a number of items from their menu.  It's very convenient for bringing your food trays to your table and when clearing your areas after your meal (IKEA encourages patrons to clear their areas as they finish so as to help lower costs and to assist their cleaners.)

Other fascinating items I've also encountered at IKEA restaurants are these ketchup and chili sauce (Singaporeans do love their spicy condiments!) dispensers.

Unusual ketchup and chili sauce condiment dispensers

To use, simply press down on those udder-like appendages and viola!  Ketchup , or chili sauce, squirts right on to your container.  So cool!


Although their Swedish meatballs are what keep their patrons coming back, I, for one, am not really a fan and prefer something fowl.  Case in point, one of my favorite meals is their baked chicken leg, served with a helping of buttered greens and mashed potatoes.

Baked chicken leg with veggies and potatoes

Order the combo meal (S$14.30 or Php472*) and they add a bottle of juice (Classic Juice's Apple and Peach flavor) and a slice of chocolate truffle.  Yum!

Heavenly chocolate truffle

Another specialty is their poached salmon (combo meal comes with juice and forest mushroom soup) selling for S$13.80 (Php455*)

Poached salmon combo


At the lower ground, located near the check-out counters, are IKEA's Swedish Food Market and the Bistro.

The IKEA Swedish Food Market

The Swedish Food Market offers a host of popular Swedish food products, along with some in-house branded items (their cookies and chocolates are personal faves)  On the other hand, their Bistro serves quick snacks, perfect indulgences after your shopping spree.  Their S$1.50 (Php50*) soft-serve vanilla ice cream is an after-shopping treat for us.  Just perfect!

Yes, folks, IKEA's also about the EATS!  J

*S$1 = Php33


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  1. poached salmon looks delish. have you tried the swedish meatballs? dapat gagawin ko ito, I need to bring dish from Sweden kasi last United Nation program but due to limited time, I brought pastries. hehe!

    1. I did try the meatballs before pero di ko masyado type e. But it's good. Not my type lang siguro. =)

  2. Sana may 3 tier trolley tray din dito sa Pinas! Madami pa namn kami lagi pag umorder. hehe!

  3. I didn't know that they serve food pala. :) The ketchup dispensers got me. :)

  4. I've been reading about how good Ikea food is! I've yet to try it . Will definitely check it out when I visit SG!

  5. Hmmm.. that chocolate truffle looks yummy. Kelan kaya ko makarating ng SG? Haha.

  6. Aww I miss Ikea!! ♥
    Love their hotdogs haha ;)

    Followed your blog, sis!

    The Misty Mom


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