Monday, November 5, 2012

Helpful Blogging Tips from Blogger Sentral

I've been an e-mail subscriber of the Blogger Sentral website for a while now.  It's a very useful site that provides useful information on how to fully utilize the features of your blog.  I, for one, make no claims in being an IT whiz.  In fact, there's a term I label myself as -- I am techno-ignorant, for want of a better term.

So you can just imagine how useful the tips at Blogger Sentral have been to me.

Blogger Sentral

I just recently learned this nifty trick from them on how to redirect blogger error 404 (page not found) pages to my homepage

And the best part is most of their tips are easy to understand and execute.  Such a blessing for the technically-challenged like myself.  J


  1. This is very useful! I'm not too techie too, will take note of this. Thanks! ;)

  2. Hi Tin :) Thanks for sharing this :o Really helpful :)

  3. hi, i found your blo through my sister Patsy's blog. i am always interested in fellow Filipina's blogs. this website sounds interesting. i'm going to check it out. thanks!

  4. I am an techno-ignorant too. Many of the things that I implemented on my blogs were learned from other bloggers who are experts in tinkering with HTML and CSS. The marketing strategies that I do also came from pro-bloggers.

    Thank you sharing this site. Blogger Sentral might help me. :-)

    1. Welcome. =)

      Hope you find them as useful as I have. =)

  5. I have a problem with my website now... But i can'tt find the time to fix it... Grrr.


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