Monday, November 26, 2012

A Time Waster's Special: Listverse™

Listverse™, as their tagline states, is the ultimate, and the original, top 10 list site.

The internet has indeed done wonders on how we acquire knowledge.  Whether for formal education or for simply wanting to waste time, there's a website you can indeed go to.

And for me, one of my ulitmate time waster websites is Listverse™, a popular site that lists down trivia on almost every thing imaginable. I lose/waste hours on end just browsing through their articles and stories.  It's simply fascinating.

Listverse™ tries to arrange their entries based on criteria which they, more often than not, try to explain at the start of every list.  And they do also accept readers' submissions and feedback regarding their articles.  It's a great site for those wishing to just learn interesting trivia tidbits.  J

Visit for the ultimate top 10 list site.


  1. naku, naku, naku! delikado ang afternoon coffee breaks. ma-e-extend ito nito! haha!

    thanks for the recommendation, TAJ! :D

  2. thank you for sharing...hahaha! ito nag sasayang na ng oras sa website na yan:)


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