Friday, November 16, 2012

An Efen Reyes Hair & Beauty Salon in Singapore?

No, it isn't a typo.  And yes, there is an Efen Reyes Hair & Beauty Salon in Singapore.

Efen Reyes Hair & Beauty Salon

I’ve mentioned in past posts that I have always been deathly afraid of having my hair cut at any other place except at a David’s Salon branch.  As childish as it sounds, I have actually been known to cry whenever I find my hair cut in a way that do not meet my expectations, a constant source of stress to both the hair stylist and the Madir when I was still a young girl.

After discovering the wonders that the people at David’s Salon can do to my locks (my very first visit was at their Robinson's Place Manila branch during college), I have, hence, been a loyal customer and have never looked backed since.

But hair grows, regardless of whether I am in the Philippines or not; and after months of looking like a hobo, I finally succumbed and looked for a place that could give me a decent cut, and oh, plus one that's also staffed Filipino hairdressers (for easy communication  J).   

As we all know, in Singapore, there is no David’s Salon; but there is an Efen Reyes Hair & Beauty Salon.  Located in Lucky Plaza, which I have informally dubbed as “Manila town" or the-mall-that-Filipinos-swarm-to-during-their-rest-days, the Efen Reyes Hair & Beauty Salon is a small, hole-in-wall beauty parlor that offers the usual services that any regular hairdresser provides.

And before you ask, no, the owner isn’t named Efen Reyes nor are they associated with our well-know pool master, Efren Reyes; or famous local hairdresser, Ricky Reyes.  Beauty salons are a dime a dozen at Lucky Plaza, almost all staffed with our qualified and talented kababayans (countrymen).  In the face of such stiff competition, I guess the owner decided to name his place as such to associate himself with some of the famous personalities of our shores.

And you know what?  It works, too.  For me anyway, as I must admit, the name was what drew me to them.  A simple hair cut costs only S$12 (Php390*); pretty affordable for such an expensive city where cuts, on average, are priced at around S$45 to S$60 (Php1,400 to 1,900*).

My "new" do

And I am fully satisfied with the outcome.  No tears this time.  J

*S$1 = Php33

Efen Reyes Hair & Beauty Salon
340 Orchard Road
#03-47 Lucky Plaza
Singapore 238863


  1. nice hair. I'm sure kung nakatira ko sa ibang bansa, long hair ako para tipid. hehe!

    1. Thanks!

      Di kasi bagay long hair sa kin. Nagmumukha akong bruha. =D

  2. I haven't tried cutting my hair this year. I still have to have it treated so it wouldn't be curly. Awesome hair, BTW! ;)

  3. Great haircut! It suits you. :) Nakakaaliw naman ang twist sa name ng salon, hehe.

  4. uy, not bad the price ha. and sulit! bagay ang hair! :)


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