Monday, November 28, 2011

Humor the LaLaughKa Inc. Way

Being a new parent is never easy.  You battle with the sleepless nights, the constant worrying and the incessant feedings.  Oftentimes, what really keeps me sane is laughter.  And what better way to show off my sense of humor than dressing up the Little One in this...

Need I say more?
Onesie from LaLaughKa Inc.

At first glance, merchandise from LaLaughKa Inc. seem so drab.  The brainchild of fashion designer Jean Hill, this shop sells mainly white and black colored shirts.  You more or less are at a loss of colorful choices and variety.  But the punch is with the witty statements lovingly imprinted in each and every item.

We've been patrons of LaLaughKa Inc. for a while now because, as mentioned in an earlier post, my mom loves their "Lola loves me" baby shirts and onesies which she gives to her apos (grandchildren.)

I've always believed that very few people actually admit that their kids and babies are not the angels we make them out to be.  This makes the clothing from LaLaughKa Inc. such a novelty.  It simply shouts out to the world what we dread ever to utter.

Here are just a few I absolutely love...

Because the Little One knows who's the boss -- she is. J

I sometimes wish the Little One came with this installed...

From the uncle who thinks he's hot stuff

Plus a few more (photos taken from the LaLaughKa, Inc. website.)
Fitting... J

Oh!  And they also sell shirts for teens and adults.


Laugh long and loud!


LalaughKa Inc.

112, 2nd Floor, Fashion-A

Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

3rd Level
Cash & Carry
Makati, Philippines


  1. My niece has a tee "Tita Ganda loves me" :)

  2. Ang cute! I love the funny statement tees!

  3. LOL. Love 'em, especially the first one. :)

  4. They really are nice. Perfect for babies and kiddies. Hehehe! Parenthood survival tip #1: Always have a sense of humor. =D

  5. wow i blushed!!! What a pleasant surprise to read this article about us "Lalaughka Inc." Thank you very much for featuring us in your blog! We promise to continuously make you LAUGH as our company and your family gets bigger.

    2011 is our 3rd glorious year in the statement apparel industry and we encourage each member of the family to participate by wearing our statement shirts which has a Filipino personal touch like a theme for a team or tandem father & son, mother & daughter or a generation like our special: Lola Bruha, Mommy Bruha, Ate Bruha & Baby Bruha which might sound a bit foul (if you are in denial bwahahaha) but extremely funny if you see them wearing the shirts!
    all the best, more power and see you soon!

    Jean Hill

  6. @Jean Hill: Will definitely wait for that to come out. =)


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