Friday, November 11, 2011

GPB11: Artwine

NOTE:  The Global Pinoy Bazaar 2011 (GPB11) series is a number of posts regarding merchants and sellers; and their unique and unusual creations, of which I had the utmost pleasure of discovering at Yabang Pinoy's Global Pinoy Bazaar 2011 (read a short introduction of my bazaar experience here.)  J

Book lovers are also bookmark aficionadoes.  It simply goes hand-in-hand.  Since a novel has around a hundred to 300 pages on average, sturdy place holder is a must whether one is cozy at home or out and about in the great outdoors.

Going to tiangges, malls or bookstores, my eyes are always peeled open for new and interesting bookmark designs.  You see, the usual paper/cardboard-holder-placed-in-between-pages is so pass√©.  It gets boring at times.

But lookie at what I discovered at the Global Pinoy apple elastic bookmark from Artwine!

Apple elastic bookmark from Artwine

Made from felt and a thick elastic band, this cute bookmark, selling for Php120, is just the thing I need for my reading sprees.  Just look at how perfectly it keeps my place!


*A warning, though.  The elastic band may be a little tight and may distort pages of thin and some softbound books.  So test it out on your novel first before using.  You wouldn't want it damaging your babies, right?  J

And between you and me, I also found this thing quite useful as a temporary hairband the Little One.  Sorry, I just couldn't resist.

Ain't she a cutie patootie?  J
(To be used on small heads only, lest you suffer from a one major cranky baby.)

Below are some other Artwine products that also caught my eye (photos taken from the Artwine website).

Cupcake elastic bookmark (Php120)

Pastel casette mobie pouch (Php250)
WARNING: buying product may actually show the world how old you are...  J

Nintendo mobile phone pouch (Php250)
WARNING: same as above...

Blue cam mobile pouch (Php250)

So cute!  J


To learn more about Artwine and their products, please visit their website at


  1. you baby is so cute, headband and bookmark in one... =)

  2. Those bookmarks are so cute! Especially on your cute baby :3

  3. Adorable bookmarks and even more adorable baby. ^_^ The apple bookmark looks cute on her.


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