Tuesday, November 8, 2011

GPB11: Yuki Torre Handmade Creations (Yux)

NOTE:  The Global Pinoy Bazaar 2011 (GPB11) series is a number of posts regarding merchants and sellers; and their unique and unusual creations, of which I had the utmost pleasure of discovering at Yabang Pinoy's Global Pinoy Bazaar 2011 (read a short introduction of my bazaar experience here.)  J

I'm a DIY person.  I love working with my hands -- whether it's doing wedding and other event invitations; polymer clay sculpting and design; souvenirs, etc.  It's a relaxing hobby and keeps my sanity in check.

I've mentioned in a previous post (read it here) that the main reason for my love of bazaars and tiangges is because of the unique finds I discover (the human mind is indeed amazing!)  Take for instance, this line of gorgeous exploding memory boxes being offered by Yuki Torre of YUX.

What's inside?

Known as a YUXploding box, this wonderful memory keeper is actually a cross between a photo box and a scrapbook.


There's a place to insert your memorable photos...

I haven't inserted our wedding photos yet.  J

Plus small envelopes to slot in your messages.  Just perfect for commemorating those wonderful family moments.

Dear hubby...

And get this, everything's handmade!  Including the centerpiece.  Amazing!  J

A basket full of hearts...

Small YUXploding boxes sell for Php300 while larger ones for around Php500.  Make great gifts and souvenirs, don'tcha think?  J


To know more about other YUXploding box designs and their other products, please visit the YUX facebook page (link here.)


  1. That is one nice box! :) It's quite pricey, but I guess it's already reasonably-priced considering it's handmade. I'd probably give something like that to a special someone, or a parting gift to a migrating friend.

  2. @Isa: I agree. I'm actually planning on buying a Parisian-inspired on for the Little One's baptism. =)


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