Tuesday, November 15, 2011

GPB11: Pretty / Useful

NOTE:  The Global Pinoy Bazaar 2011 (GPB11) series is a number of posts regarding merchants and sellers; and their unique and unusual creations, of which I had the utmost pleasure of discovering at Yabang Pinoy's Global Pinoy Bazaar 2011 (read a short introduction of my bazaar experience here.)  J

I've been trying to look for ways to reduce my carbon footprint.  I believe it's something we must all strive to do since we only have one planet and this one's beat and messed up already.  It's surely a scary thought when you find Mother Nature simply has had enough and we are left with pretty much no other choice but to rot in our own filth, of which we are the main causes of, anyway.  The ultimate revenge, I should say.

Nowadays, I find that there are a lot of people who opt to open businesses with good pro-environmental products.  And the recently concluded Global Pinoy Bazaar had a healthy number of them.  Take for instance, Pretty / Useful which sells a line of reusable writing materials.

Pretty / Useful wipe 'n' write magnets

Dubbed as write 'n' wipe magnets (Php120 each), these nifty reminders make use of whiteboard markers for jotting down notes.  Once done, erasing it off is just as easy with the swipe of a cloth.  And voila!  A clean, blank slate for you to write your thoughts and reminders on again.

Being such the OCD kid that I am, I bought these 2 for my own organization purposes.  Just look at how at home they feel on our refrigerator door.

Ready for my chores

The write 'n' wipe line also includes notebooks (Php250)...

Write 'n' wipe notebook
(Photo taken from the Pretty / Useful website)

...and games (Php180 for a pack of 6 game cards), as well. 

Write 'n' wipe games
(Photo taken from the Pretty / Useful website)

So earth-friendly.  J


To learn more about Pretty / Useful and their products, please visit their website at www.prettyuseful.biz.


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