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My Noel Discovery Bazaar 2011 Finds

We interrupt the GPB11 series to bring you a brief preview of the items one may find at the Noel Discovery Bazaar which opened just yesterday, November 18, 2011.

Noel Discovery Bazaar

The Noel Discovery Bazaar is a yearly shopping event presented by GMA 7 to benefit a number of charities.  For those in need of completing your Christmas gift list, this bazaar is definitely a must-go.  Here are just a few of the interesting items you can find on sale there.  J

Noel Discover Bazaar 2011

Miss Kat Soap

Miss Kat Soap is a new organic soap in the market.  They are locally and organically-made (meaning there are no artificial hardeners, harmful colorants, artificial bubble enhancers and harmful preservatives. Whew!)

Miss Kat Soap gift pack

This 5-pack gift set (Php199) will make it possible for you to try out all of their products in one sitting.  I'm so excited!  Will be posting a full review of their soaps soon.  J

KLG International, Inc. / OTSU Retail

KLG International, Inc. is a distributor of various well-known international kitchen products like Supor, Rubbermaid and Luminarc, among others.  And in most of the bazaars we've attended where they also participated in, we never ever leave without purchasing at least a single item from them.

Why?  Well they usually place their items on sale (and when I say sale, as in cheap.)  And for the quality of products they sell, it's no wonder their stall's always mobbed.  Here are just a few of the items featured this year...

Kitchen items made of glass on display! (from L to R)
Oil/vinegar bottles (2 pcs. for Php100); Spice canisters (3 pcs. for Php100, available in 4 vibrant colors);
Condiment set (Php160)

Rubbermaid water bottle (Php100)

More product photos to come in a future post.  AbanganJ

Vedasto Leathergoods

Vedasto exports and sells gorgeous products made from leather.

Bags and wallets galore

But these are not just the reasons why we dropped by their stall.  It's because of these cuties...

Leather bag-shaped coin purses

Leather bag-shaped coin purses!  And these babies can be yours for only Php120 (for 3 pcs.)

Laugh Long and Loud

Selling smart-alecky shirts and onesies, Laugh Long and Loud is the brainchild of fashion designer Jean Hill.  We've been customers of their Market! Market! branch for a while now since my mom loves their "Lola loves me" shirts which she gives to her apos (grandchildren.)

So imagine our surprise when we saw them at Noel Discovery bazaar.  Yey!  And good news awaited us, too, as Jean informed us they were selling all their merchandise at discounted rates (Php150 to Php350)!  Double yey!

Teen shirt and infant onesie

Style on Air (SOA)

I did a feature on Style on Air (SOA) a few months ago (read full post here), after buying a few items from them during a bazaar at The Enterprise Center in Makati.  Selling Korean-made accessories, I instantly fell in love with their cute and girly designs; and was so happy to find that they had a stall at the Noel Discovery Bazaar.

And best of all, they're selling their merchandise at discounted prices!!!  Wheee!!!

So cute!

Clockwise from left: 3 chain star necklace (Php350); wire butterfly earrings (Php100);
and 3 chain charm bracelet (Php350)

Dielle's Apiary and Meadery

Dielle sells locally-produced honey wines.  Comes in 4 flavors (tradional, mango, bignay and duhat), these beverages make great gifts for your older relatives or boss.  A bottle sells for Php250, but you might want to consider having it presented in this native wine holder made from abacca.  This set-up will set you back around Php300.

Dielle honey wine in mango

And other odds and ends

We were also able to score these items from different stalls:

Sucker stands for mobile phones (Php85)

24pc. sticker gift tags (Php55)

Oh!  And there's something else I think is worth mentioning.  iPANEMA is also selling their old  flip flops stocks at 50% off!!!  I wasn't able to purchase one for me though since the design I wanted was out of size 7s.  Tsk!  But from what I could tell, they still had plenty of sizes available in the other models.  J 

In conclusion...

I personally think that what makes a particular tiangge or bazaar a good one is if there are a lot of interesting (i.e. not just the usual Divisoria finds) items on sale.  With the Noel Discovery bazaar, I'd say they have it covered.  J

NOTE: One of the merchants mentioned that sellers will be changed from time to time and that not all of them will be there for the whole duration of the bazaar.  As such, you may want to contact the Noel Bazaar organizers or the merchants themselves to be sure of their bazaar schedules.  J


Miss Kat Soap

KLG International, Inc.
Delbros Ave. cor. Venecia De Leon St.
Bo. Ibayo, Paraňaque City
Philippines 1700
T     (632) 852 2511 to 17

Vedasto Leathergoods
Diliman, Quezon City
T     (632) 922 4668

Laugh Long and Loud
T     (63) 916 480 6080

Style on Air (SOA)
Bridgeway Shops, Greenhills Shopping Center
San Juan, Philippines
(632) 760 3661
Dielle's Apirary and Meadery
21 Lavender Street, Ruby Park
Victoria Homes Subdivision
Muntinlupa City, Philippines


  1. It's been years since I last went to a Noel Bazzar! Hope I'll have the moolah before the month ends so I can visit this.. :)

  2. Hi Tin! Just wanted to let you know that I can now access your blog with no problems. Hope all is well with you! God bless and have a great weekend! :)


  3. after reading this post my mind is totally into noel bazaar now, i'm actually listing the items i want to buy, will definitely go there soon :)

  4. I was actually thinking of going to Noel Bazaar today, as in today, but somewhat hesitant. So I searched for some good blogs about this bazaar, and now I'm going now because this post is so helpful and persuasive to visit the bazaar. Thanks for this! :)

  5. @Sumi Go: It's really hard when the holidays are coming. Masyado magastos. Heheh! =)

    @Gweny: Thanks again, Gweny! Really appreciate the heasd up. =)

    @ladymishel and Krizzia Jimenez: Glad this post was helpful to you both. =)


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