Friday, April 29, 2011

Yes! Its Another Barbecued Chicken Entry: Reyes Barbecue

I told you I love barbecued chicken!  So it should come as no surprise that I would feature Reyes Barbecue in a post.  It was only a matter of time anyway.  =)

Now, we all know that Aristocrat is well-known for their barbecued chicken and special top secret peanut sauce.  Since the owner of Reyes Barbecue hails from this culinary-inclined family, we expect nothing less than superb barbecued birds!

Coupled with a generous cup of java rice and peanut sauce, their barbecue boneless chicken (Php120) did not dissappoint.

Tired of fowl?  Try their grilled pusit (Php160) for a change.

We also ordered a mango smoothie (Php55).  Big mistake, though, as they used really unripe mangoes, which even after spoonfuls of sugar, could not counter the sour taste.  So dissappointed.

I also wish that they could change their seats.  Having been used to Aristocrat, I am quite surprised that Reyes Barbecue would scrimp on comfy seating.


Reyes Barbecue has a number of stores scattered all over the counrty.  Please visit for a complete list.


  1. mango smoothie is my fav, anything with mango I will jump.


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