Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Breakfast Fare at Floating Island Restaurant

Being a true blue Pinoy, I've always had a fondness for anything "insert possible viand here"-silog.  And I am definitely not alone in this sentiment.  Breakfast simply isn't complete without it.

I used to forgo breakfast a lot when I was still working, usually opting for a large steaming mug of joe at the office to perk me up before that start of another hectic day.  I know it's a bad habit but I was living alone that time and well, eating solo at the dining room table didn't sound too appealing to me.

So any chance I had to grab a bite with my mom during a regular workday is a definite treat.  And one such workday did find us in Makati Medical Center (MMC) early morning catching a bite to eat before heading to my medical appointment.

Good thing though, as we have discovered Floating Island Restaurant, located at the new annex wing of MMC.

With an all-day breakfast menu, Floating Island Restaurant is definitely a must-try for all -silog lovers out there.  Coupled with a viand, 2 eggs, a healthy serving of garlic rice and atchara, they try not to disappoint.

Try their delicious tocino (Php165).  I'm not a fan of very sweet, diabetes-inducing tocino, so their version is really just up my alley.  Not to sweet.  Just right.

Our family loves longganisa.  Skinless, garlicky, sweet, etc. -- we just have a fondness for it that, I believe, is deeply ingrained inside our genes.  So the vigan longganisa (Php180) on the menu -- definitely not going to miss it. 

Atchara servings were also above the average, although, it is lacking in that sour, vinegar-y punch.  Maybe that's why they were doling it out in such big portions?  =)

Cap it all off with a streaming cup of cafe cappuccino (Php85) and you have the perfect breakfast.

Although I must admit, prices might be a bit steep for the average -silog eater, considering there are other establishments offering the same fare at a lower price.  This, however, is a good alternative for once-in-a-while breakfast dining.


Floating Island Restaurant
1st Floor, New Annex Building
Makati Medical Center
Makati City, Philippines


  1. I guess I half expected it to be pricey even before I read the last part because of its location :D

  2. Hehehe! It is a little. But worth the price. From what I hear, they also serve one of the best siopaos in town. Unfortunately, it was a little late when I heard about it so I wasn't able to order one. =)

  3. I want to try. Mura lang pala. :)

  4. @Tsina: Its worth the price naman. Very tasty. =)


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