Monday, April 18, 2011

REVIEW: Feeling Nostalgic at Ya Kun Kaya Toast

I am on a mission…

A mission sort of personal and nostalgic in nature…

My quest?

To find out if the kaya toast being served in Pasig is the real deal…

My weapon of choice?

An empty stomach and photos of the subject from the original Singapore brand. (sorry, my James Bond-esque car is in the shop for repairs.)

Hubby is an OFW based in Singapore. And on my short visits there, a trip to Ya Kun Kaya Toast is always a part of the agenda.  We love the sweet blend of the kaya (or coconut jam) topped with soft butter, sandwiched in between crunchy (but never burnt) pieces of toast.

Ya Kun Kaya also offered me the taste of my very first coffee tarik or pulled coffee.  Being an avid Discovery Lifestyle and Living watcher, I am familiar with this type of coffee preparation where the drink is switched/swished from mug to mug to combine ingredients in.  Sorta like James Bond's affinity to those darn “shaken not stirred” vodkas.  I do guess, however, that in the case of our international spy, one taste of coffee tarik and he’ll definitely be singing a different tune (pulled, not shaken).

But I digress, forcing the family to accompany me to Escriva Drive where a local branch was located, we set about ordering the exact same thing Hubby and I would always order in Singapore: a Kaya Toast Set (includes 2 slices of kaya toast with butter, 2 soft-boiled eggs and hot coffee tarik.)

The first test: THE LOOK

I now present exhibit A and B - A is a shot of the original Kaya Toast Set I’d normally enjoy in Singapore; B is the one enjoyed here in the Philippines:

Hmmm..both looks the same...

The second and most important test: THE TASTE

I touched.  Felt the same.

I sniffed, smelled the same.

I bit into it... and before I knew it I finished the whole set in a sitting. Tasted the same! Hallelujah!

I don’t know how other people enjoy their kaya toasts, but I personally, love eating it dipped in the soft-boiled egg.  No special soy sauce for this girl!

There was one itsy bitsy difference I did notice though, this branch is definitely cleaner than most of the Ya Kun Kaya Toast branches I’ve been to in Singapore. It’s definitely a good thing.

In the end, mission complete…


For those wishing to experience this very unique and famous Singaporean breakfast, please visit them at:

Ya Kun Kaya Toast
G/F FERN Bldg.
Escriva Drive cor. General Araneta St.
Ortigas Center, Pasig City
(02) 4704285
(0932) 6285705


  1. Nice investigative reporting sis :) how much did it cost? I'm working in Ortigas and I wish to try this out :) if it's affordable :D

  2. @Sis Chew: Thanks! This is sort of a back logged post that I just came around to writing. The set is a little expensive. If I remember correctly a full set (the one I ordered) is priced at around Php200 plus. Includes the coffee tarik and 2 soft-boiled eggs. There is a half set offered (only 2 slices of toast). Much cheaper but the price escapes me as of the moment. =)

    There are other Ya Yun Kaya toast branches in the Metro. Most of them in the malls. If I remember correctly Robinsons Manila has one. Also one in the Centennial airport, but from what the cashier at the Escriva drive branch told me, they're being managed by a different person. No relation daw.

    I haven't tried the one in the mall but the one in Centennial airport tastes almost the same as the kaya toast in SG. Their coffee tarik though is a little sweeter than usual. =)

  3. this is a great place for breakfast and some of what is offered is on the healthy side.

  4. @Nava.K: Definitely. I miss kaya toast. Been stuck here in the province for a while with no Ya Yun Kaya toast in sight. Hopefully could remedy that soon. =)


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