Friday, April 1, 2011

Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield as 27 Year Olds? Impossible!

Most women my age (around the late 20s and 30s), carry such fond memories of an idealic place known as Sweet Valley in California, where twin sisters Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield and their tight knit group of family and friends, live and experience the everyday dramas of teenage life.

Created by Francine Pascal in the 1980s, what started out as a book series documenting the teen high school life of the Wakefield sisters and their Sweet Valley community turned into one of the most successful adolescent literary successes to date, which in turn led to additional series (Sweet Valley Kids, Twins, University, etc.) and even to a TV show in the 1990s.

Unlike other young adolescent books out in the market nowadays (of which I am still shocked to find out how sexually graphic and explicit they are as compared to those of my childhood), the Sweet Valley series were feel good type novels.  Good always triumphed over evil and each problem always had a sensible solution.

However, all good things must come to an end, and the series eventually died a natural death.

That is, until now!  Francine Pascal has developed a spin-off, which was officially released in US bookstores last March 29, 2011

Titled Sweet Valley Confidential, the book details the twins as 27 year olds living their own adult lives.  Elizabeth now lives in New York City, while her twin sister Jessica, who is now engaged to Todd Wilkins (?!), is still in California.  What follows is a series of flashbacks, peppered with a brief look at the current lives of their SVH friends.

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No word as to when this book will reach Philippine shores.  Hopefully, it will come soon enough.  =)

Click here for a sneak peek of your favorite Wakefield twins 10 years later!


  1. I gotta have this! =D SV addict much? Haha.

  2. Sabi mo pa. Waiting game muna for those here in RP. =D

  3. omg!!! there was only one summer when I was a kid when I enjoyed reading this series. But it excites me to know that the twins are back from a comeback!

  4. @Cha: Definitely a good read. Miss the SVH gang talaga. I also heard there's a movie in the works. But its still a rumor for now. =)


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