Thursday, April 14, 2011


I mentioned in an earlier post that I was very fortunate enough to have won a Sony DSLR camera from AXN Asia!  Wooohooo!!!

And like all other photograghers, I too have been bitten by the bug -- the security bug that is -- in the quest to protect my new baby from the harsh elements.  But mind you, I didn't want just any ordinary boring black camera bag (I swear this is such a musculine world we live in).  I wanted pizzazz!  I wanted color!  And I wanted one with a zipper!

Many a weekend found me in various malls searching for a bag that would fit my needs and preferences.  I never could find one that caught my eye until I came across this!

The aha DSLR camera bag!

Made by Hama GmbH & Co., this uber stylish and not-so-obvious DSLR camera bag comes equipped with a roomy interior and removable velco partitions that you can use and personalize to fit your needs.  From my observation, this bag is roomy enough to fit a regular-sized DSLR body plus 2 lenses.  (Sorry, so far I use only 1 lens at a time)

Everytime I venture out with my Sony cam, I make it a point not to bring an extra bag for personal items.  Instead I opt to squeeze in my wallet and mobile phone into one of the many zippered compartments outside my AHA bag.  A little warning though, depending on size of your personal item, it may be a tight squeeze.  Anyway you can always opt to just bring a coin purse instead of your bulky wallet.  =)

It also goes across my body as a sling, perfect in keeping my hands free!  Plus the main compartment is equipped with a zipper and a closing flap, making sure my device is protected from water and dust.

Another thing I love about this bag is the design.  It has this sort of Greek-like scroll design that I find absolutely fascinating.  So unlike the other drab items I've been seeing in the market nowadays.

Looking to purchase one for youself?  Aha bags and products are carried by Brat Pack stores nationwide, selling for about Php1,950.

Visit for more of their designs and products.


  1. Nice find sis! I love the design and color! Will check out the website! Thank you! giantherockstar from GT here btw! :)

  2. @Gian: Sis, thanks for stopping by. =)

    Yup! At sobrang sulit sya. I was originally thinking of purchasing a crumpler that time. Unfortunately, all their DSLR bags didn't have a zipper for the main compartment. Wasn't really comfortable with that.

    Plus I love the designs and colors. Very vibrant. =)


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