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Buddy's Pancit Lucban at Longganisang Lucban

We've been having pancit canton from Buddy's Pancit Lucban at Longganisang Lucban delivered to the office for quite some time now.  Similar to Amber, this dish has also become a staple of most birthday celebrations and other special occasions. 

But I've never had the opportunity to dine at one of their actual restaurants till just recently when the family found ourselves near their Kalayaan Avenue branch.

Buddy's Pancit Lucban at Longganisang Lucban


The Buddy's Pancit Lucban at Longganisang Lucban restaurant (Kalayaan Ave. branch) looks like one big airconditioned carinderia (neighborhood eatery), albeit a little more organized than most of it's cornerside counterparts.  Sort of reminds me of an 80's era eatery, complete with wooden seats and tiled tabletops. 

I do love their lighting fixtures made from material that looks surprisingly like kiping (a leaf-shaped rice wafer prominently displayed during the Pahiyas festival.)  It's a theme that plays a dominant role in the restaurant's decor.


Another thing I immediately noticed are the very narrow aisles and close seating arrangements.  We had the Little One along and as we were pushing her stroller to our seats, we found that her pram blocked the entire aisle!  Yes, folks, it was that tight a squeeze.  It left us with no other choice but to sit in the far corner where we wouldn't be a bother to any of the diners.

Isang masikip na daan (one narrow way)!

The Food

Pancit Lucban (Php160)

Since it is a house speciality, and very promiently displayed in their store's name, we simply could not pass up ordering their pancit lucban.

Pancit Lucban

Generously topped with veggies and meat pieces, this one definitely lived up to the "house specialty" tag.  As I have been informed, pancit lucban should be eaten with a dash of suka (vinegar.)  I did give it a go but I'm still sticking to eating this without the sour condiment.

Embotido (Php135 for a large serving)

I'm a big fan of my lola's (grandmother) cooking.  And embotido is one of her specialties, which also serves as my gauge as to whether a restaurant's version is delicious or lacking in taste. 

Buddy's version is ok.  It's a little salty and isn't something I'll be craving for again and again.


Laing (Php55)

Taro leaves cooked with a little coconut milk.  What's not to love?  And Buddy's laing is such a flavorful version too -- not too spicy and rich.


Lechon Paksiw (Php105)

I'm more particular to the taste of lechon paksiw than actual roasted lechon.  Fanatics are probably rolling their eyes right now, but for me, eating roasted pig leftovers simmered in gravy, vineger, garlic and loads of other spices is the only way to go.

And for me, Buddy's has one of the best I've tasted, thus far.  It's also the first time I've encountered a version tinged with a bit of a yellow spice.  Me thinks it's curry.  But whatever it is, it definitely worked.

Lechon paksiw

Sago at Gulaman (Php35)

Wash everything down with a glass of sago at gulaman, and you have yourself one fulfilling meal.

Sago at Gulaman


Buddy's Pancit Lucban at Longganisang Lucban does serve really good, no-frills home cooked specialties.  But I'd probably stick to having them delivered to our home or office though since I'm not really a fan of their aisles and seating arrangements (for their Kalayaan Ave. branch anyway.)  J


Buddy's Pancit Lucban at Longganisang Lucban branches:
2727 Pilla St., cor. Kalayaan Ave.
Makati City, Metro Manila
T     (02) 899-5991

2948 Kakarong St.
Makati City, Metro Manila
T     (02) 899-1170

The Link Bldg., North Drive cor. Makati Ave.
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 828-4444

G/F Market! Market!, Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City, Metro Manila
(02) 886-7711

G/F Market! Market!, Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City, Metro Manila
(02) 886-7711

Timog Ave. cor. Scout Ybardaloza
Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02) 355-1111


  1. I love Buddy's Pancit Habhab! :) We used to trek to the Makati branch to buy a bilao. :)

  2. I haven't tried anything from Buddy's yet. But the next time I'm in Timog, I'll make sure to look for it. All those food look so delish!

  3. Masarap nga daw yang pancit lucban sa buddy's! Yung pancit lucban ba same yun sa pancit habhab? We'll go to lucban next month at sana makatikim ng authentic pancit lucban.

  4. i LOOOOOOVE the pancit lucban and budin :D try their other pancit esp. the miki-bihon, sotanghon con canton and chami.

  5. Madaming kinain ah. Malamang busog. Nabasa ko yung lUcban sa title. Akala ko pumunta ka ng Lucban at doon kayo nag-Holy Week.

    Na-miss ko tuloy yung punta ko ng Lucban.

  6. ahhhh... yummy! my friends and i used to have delivery from Buddy's.

  7. Oooh, it's in Market2, near my workplace! I'll try this out since I haven't had Panci Lucban for so long :>

  8. Pancit Habhab + Lucban Longganisa = Yumminess!

    Btw, followed your blog through GFC. Hope you could follow mine as well.

  9. @michymichymoo: Fanatics? Hehehe! But I agree when the craving hit you, you just have to answer it's call. =)

    @Sumi Go: Buddy's is just like Ambers too. Very well know for their noddle dishes but didn't do much expansion yet. =)

    @anney: I think habhab is different. Before this trip, I already loved their pancit canton. But this lucban is also good. =)

    @i♥pinkc00kies: Thanks! Will keep that in mind. =)

    @Ishmael Fischer Ahab: I haven't been there. But I've been itching to attend the Pahiyas festival ever since I saw it featured on Discovery Channel. =)

    @wendy: Us too. =)

    @Aileen: Yip. I think that's a new branch. It in the food court outside, near the markets. =)

    @Shashi: Thanks for visiting! Followed you back! =)


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