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Amber Golden Chain of Restaurants

People in the south have most probably known of Amber ever since it started operations in 1988.  What started out as a small carinderia catering mostly to taxi drivers have evolved into a food enterprise like no other with 5 branches to date located all around the Metro.  And all this started simply because of their line of pancit noodle dishes and pastas.

Our family has never really eaten at their restaurant in Makati, always opting to have our Amber favorites taken out or delivered and enjoyed at home, mainly because the most convenient location for us, that in Brgy. Palanan, Makati, is right beside a very dusty, smokey street.  This wouldn't be such a big deal, if it weren't for that fact that theirs is an open restaurant and they don't have airconditioning.  =)

Hot city!

The family always orders the same tried and tested items:

The Canton Special, selling for Php300 to 900 depending on the size.  A sweet, savoury mix of pancit noodles with a healthy serving of veggies and pork strips.  Simply delish!

Canton Special

Their Pork BBQ (Php17 per stick) is also a must-try.  A little bit on the pricey side but believe me, it's well worth it!  Sweet and a little spicy at the same time and marinated just right.

Pork BBQ

And of course, our meal would never be complete without their special Pichi-Pichi with cheese (Php60 for 12 pcs. to Php200 for 40)

This sweet gelatinous dessert made from grated cassava and sugar is also a must-try!  It's truly addicting and will leave you wanting for more.  Our family even fights over the last piece.  =D

Pichi-Pichi with cheese

A word of advice though, when ordering their items for take-out, be sure to call at least an hour in advance.  The place is usually packed with people waiting for their take-away orders and loitering around such a humid place will just annoy the heck out of you.  By calling ahead, this ensures that you can just pick up your orders immediately without any hassles.  =)

If only we could have this for dinner everyday.  *Sigh*


To learn more about Amber Chain of Restaurants and their branches, please visit their site at


  1. I love Amber too! More branches please! :)

  2. i love amber. last christmas, nagtake out lang ko ng food sa kanila, not in the mood to cook. =)

  3. We have the same favorite items! :) The pichi-pichi, we cannot have enough of. They have a new branch along EDSA near guadalupe but still not airconditioned. We prefer to take out from their Palanan branch and just enjoy the meals at home ^^

  4. Amber is loove! Even my expat bosses love their pichi pichi (peachy peachy for them) with niyog! :)

  5. Oh my, i'm drooling over in your post here.. I love their pichi pichi so much!

  6. Di ko pa na try kumain sa Amber. Mahilig ako sa BBQ kaya kung sakali yun ang uunahin kon kainin. hehehe!

  7. WE love Amber too. Pag walang maisip for snack pag may meeting. We usually order the pancit canton bilao,bbq and pichi pichi.

  8. @michymichymoo: I agree. We should start a petition so they'll be forced to open more branches. =)

    @michi: That's a good idea. We usually order from them during special occasions too. =)

    @Lace: Same here. Its just too dusty. Wonder why they don't install ACs? =)

    @Bee: So agree with you! Glad to hear that even expats love the taste of their pichi-pichi. =D

    @nuts: Agree! They really are the best! I really hope they open up more branches or at least widen their delivery service areas. =)

    @anney: Try it! Its really tasty. You'll want more. =)

  9. @Pinay Mom: Same here! We order the exact thing! =)

  10. i haven't tried them, yet. but i love your recommendations! will check out their website and see if there's one near my place. :)

  11. again! clicked on the link at natuwa ako dun sa name ng branches nila! meron pala silang branch medyo malapit sa amin... :)

  12. i love amber as well as my officemates.. suki kami nyan pag may bday sa office eto ang handa.. pichi-pichi, bbq, pancit canton & spaghetti.. sarap!!

  13. wow! pancit canton, one of my favorite! the pichi-pichi looks delicious!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  14. @kath: Same here! =)

    @maiylah: That's great! Believe me you'll be an Amber convert too like the rest of us. =D

    @i am certified: Oh yeah! I forgot, they have the best spaghetti too. We ordered 3 big bilaos during my nephews birthday and it was such a hit. =)

    @CutestPrincess: My hubby loves pancit canton as well. He tries to have it at least once a day. =D

  15. Never been to Amber. Those food made me feel like craving.. particularly that pichi-pichi. Wahhh! Gusto kong kumain! Hahaha!

  16. company's fave. every b-day party present si ambers =)

  17. @Pink MagaLine: They serve really good food. Try it sometime. =)

    @lelay: Same here! Amber is love. =D

  18. I love Amber! :) Back when I was still working in Makati, the office has this last Thursday of the month food fiesta and usually they serve pancit and pichi pichi from Amber. :)

  19. @Karla: Cool! Its good to hear about companies like that. =)

  20. Amber = pichi-pichi. The only problem with Amber in Makati is lack of parking. Haven't had pichi-pichi in a long while. hmmmm

  21. @Batangala: You can always park in Cash & Carry. =)

  22. Oh! It's the first time I've heard of pichi-pichi with cheese. Sobrang nakakagutom naman. Sigh!

    Thanks for swinging by at

    See you around!

  23. @Lainy: Try it sometime. Its really good. I'm not much of a niyog (grated coconut) fan so this is a good alternative for me. ☺


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