Friday, April 20, 2012

Storage Solutions from The Landmark Department Store

You see, the thing with traveling with the Little One is all her itsy bitsy teeny clothes get mixed up with a lot of my adult-sized ones.  It gets really frustrating rummaging through a big overnight or luggage bag just to get to her essentials (and boy, does she have a LOT!)

So being such the OCD ridden person that I am, I decided a few storage keepers and organizers from The Landmark were just the thing to bring back order to our cluttered travel lifestyle.

Storage solutions and baggage organizers from The Landmark

Take these clothes containers and organizers, for instance.  The perfect solution for keeping all our stuff separated and organized.  Just the items we need whenever we go out and travel.  The top is covered with a strong mesh material of sorts so I could easily view the contents within.

Clothes containers

Another handy accessory is this toiletry bag that helps keep our toiletries in check.

Toiletry bag

Inside you'll find numerous pockets and various elastic containers that help prevent messy spillage.


And for my knick knacks, this jewelry container keeps everything in place. 

Jewelry case

I decided not bring my jewelry box in Singapore since I am trying to limit our personal items so this organized case serves as my container too.  It's so compact and perfect for traveling.

All packed and ready to go

And let's not forget the ever-popular bag organizer, a necessity especially when using those large totes or hobo bags.

Bag organizer

The best part of all, each of these are priced between Php60 to 200 only at The Landmark!  Such a steal!
SM may have "got it all for you" but The Landmark sure can also boast of the same tagline.  J


The Landmark
Makati City, Philippines


  1. will definitely check those pag nagpunta kami ng landmark..really need the jewelry container, kagulo accessories ko pag ngtravel kami..hehe! :)

  2. i bought luggage organizer naman sa heat wave bazaar. storage solutions din yung brand pero parang mas mahal yata bili ko. =(

  3. Yes I heard they got it even cheaper at Landmark :-) These are very nice organizers.

  4. Tama itong ginawa mo Tin. At least hindi ka na mahirapan maghanap ng mga gamit ng anak mo. Nakakainis maghalungkat eh, lalo na kung nagmamadali ka.

  5. Nice organizers! I'm also a sucker for those things :)

  6. oh, i should've read this earlier and recommended these things to the wifey. just came from a company outing in Subic. (di ako kasama though. boohoo!)


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