Friday, April 13, 2012

Polland's Fresh Chinese Lumpia

I used to be such a picky eater as a kid.  And like all others, I once also had a great aversion for veggies.  But as time passed by and my palate changed, eating nutritious and healthy fare became a treat as well.

And one of my favorite vegetable-based dishes would be fresh lumpia -- preferably the ubod (heart palm)-filled kind.  And Polland, in my opinion, serves one of the best!

Polland kiosk

One usually associates Polland with chinese pastries and delicacies like their famous hopia in ube (purple yam) filling.  Their fresh chinese lumpia is simply different and is a step away from their usual offerings.

Pure pleasure awaits...

Julliened ubod topped with garlic and numerous tasty ingredients, all wrapped in a thin lumpia wrapper.  Best eaten with their signature sauce.  Pure bliss...


An order costs Php70 but is good enough for 2 people to share (unless you're like me who can eat one whole serving by my lonesome.)  J


Polland's fresh chinese lumpia are available at select malls within the Metro.



  1. Di ko pa natikman ang fresh lumpia ng Polland. Pag chinese lumpia diba yan yung may something crunchy na parang kulay gray na medyo may itim itim. hehehe! Di ko alam tawag basta gusto ko yun at malutong.

  2. thanks for sharing! i see alot of Polland's stall and i wonder what's good to eat from them :)

  3. haven't tried any fresh lumpia :) hahaha i only like the shanghai rolls kasi e.

  4. I love fresh Chinese lumpia but I still haven't tried the one that Polland offers. I hope to bump into one of their kiosks soon :)


  5. you are right. hopia immediately came into my mind when i saw the word polland. hmmm, have to try their fresh lumpia soon :)

  6. I got to give this a try one of these days. :-)

  7. may lumpia pala sila? ang akala ko rin nga hopia lang talaga ang tinda nila :)

  8. Ok na ok ang hopia ng Polland. Actually, yung hopia pa lang nila ang natitikman ko. I am yet to try their other offerings. Wow, at may kiosk na pala ang Polland sa mga malls.

  9. My boss introduced me to this. I was actually surprised that it was really good. =)


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