Monday, April 23, 2012

Revisiting Hotel Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila

The family had a chance to stay at the Hotel Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila, after typhoon Pedring's unwelcomed September 2011 check-in, on 2 separate occasions -- one last November 2011 and the other quite recently when we celebrated the Madir's birthday early February 2012.

Hotel Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila

Although the hotel suffered a few damages, the biggest of which saw their lower ground area closed for the remainder of 2011 and most of 2012 (no Spirals?  Sniff!),

Pictures of the lower floor area after Pedring's disastrous check-in: distorted wood panels (right)
due to water damage and cordorned off sections (left)

Sofitel has still proven resilient and enduring amidst these trying times.

Business as usual
(apologies for the hazy picture)

A good day's nap and night's sleep

Rooms are as comfortable as always, stocked with all the neccessities to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. 

The Little One testing the bed for us.  Her verdict: 2 thumbs up!

T&B.  Depending on your room, you can also be provided with a tub, aside from the shower.

TIP!  Be sure to ask for a room facing the pool because: (1) it provides one of the best views around;

Wouldn't mind waking up to these sights everyday

and (2) you're faced away from their tent area that they rent out for special events (i.e. weddings, corporate promotions, etc.) 

We once had the great misfortune of checking-in one Friday when a wedding reception was taking place inside the tent.  We were treated with hour after excrutiating hour of badly renditioned ballads (guests singing for the couple), and noisy laughter and chatter.  This we all heard even though our room was located on the 12th floor!  This would have been fine if the ceremony ended at a reasonable hour, but the singing and the noise lasted well until 12 midnight!  Holy noise pollution, Batman!

Le Bar and Club Millesime, the new Spirals?

Nothing much has changed from the majestic Sofitel's gastronomic offerings except, for now, buffet meals are, for the meantime, served at the Le Bar

Le Bar at different areas and angles

Choices are fewer as compared to Spirals' but the quality remains the same.  Here are just a few of the items I fell absolutely in love with.
Clockwise from left: pork tocino, assorted dimsum, Monte Cristo sandwich, various pastries,
Ruby Red juice (a drink made up of apples, cranberries, strawberries and one more red fruit -- I forgot which.
A little tart but really good), a cup of hot chocolate, and of course, my favorite smoked salmon.

For an extra Php4+++ a night, you can have your room upgraded to the 12th floor where you have access to Club Millesome.

Club Millesome

Benefits include free internet wi-fi access (very fast!), late and more convenient check-out at the club's reception area, free book and movie rentals, and additional tea sessions in the afternoon.

We didn't have tea but we gorged on the treats.  Hehehe!

You're also given a choice of having your complimentary breakfast at Club Millesome or at Le Bar.  But between you and me, opt to have it at Le Bar.  Food choices at the former are much more limited. 

Tea sessions, however, are another matter.  Finger sandwiches, chocolates, pastries and various drinks (not just tea) are made available in the afternoon at Club Millesome.  We didn't have tea but we certainly gorged ourselves with all the eats.  The perfect way to spend our merienda (afternoon snack)!

Enjoy the fresh air

After your scrumptous meal, resist the urge to immediately park and hibernate inside your room.  Step out and enjoy the sun outside with views that only Sofitel can provide.

The waters by the bay

You can take a dip in their wonderful outdoor pool, let the kiddos enjoy the playground or try out the mini golf area at back.

Pool area

You can also lounge among the various hammocks and day beds littered outside.  With such ample and comfortable seating provided, you'll be sure to catch up on all those essential and nourishing vitamin Ds.

The Little One enjoying the hammock

Madir and the Little One on the day bed.

And as the sun sets, stop for a while to relish a few quiet moments with this in sight.

The setting sun

Ahh...such bliss.

Yup.  Nothing much has changed for the Hotel Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila.  It's just as grand and as sophosticated as ever.  J


Oh!  And I almost forgot.  Special thanks to Sofitel's amazing personnel for making the Madir's birthday even more special by gifting her with a cake!

Happy birthday, mama!

You guys sure know how to treat a gal right.  J



Hotel Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila
CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard
Pasay City, Philippines 1300
T        (+63) 2 551 5555 / (+63) 2 551 5610


  1. laki na ni baby, mukhang enjoy sa hammock. =)

  2. i love their chocolate cake! :) Can't wait for Spirals' reopening :)

  3. Happy Birthday to your mother! :) Sofitel looks so beautiful. I haven't tried staying there yet but based on your pictures, I think it will be worth it! :D Thanks for the room and food pics. Sometimes I check out blogs for accommodation recommendation. Take care! :)

  4. At least everything looks good again! I miss their buffet!
    Please LIKE my Facebook page :)

  5. Nung isang araw lang pinapag usapan namin ng sister ko na mag check in sa Sofitel at mag buffet lunch sa spiral! At syempre para makapag swimming na din. Hmmm pag may extra budget siguro. hehehe!

  6. that's a very thoughtful gesture from the hotel.

  7. Cool ah. Nakabalik na kayo ng Sofitel. Good that this hotel is back in business after being pounded by the typhoon.

    I guess they should place soundproof walls and windows for rooms facing the tent. Kawawa naman 'yung mga guests at hindi makapag-relax dahil sa ingay.

    Belated happy birthday to you mother. ^_^

  8. Belated Happy birthday to your Madir :)
    I'm sure she had a blast like what I did upon looking at those pictures :)

  9. ganda ng room!
    cute! enjoy si baby sa hammock :)


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