Friday, April 27, 2012

Ang Pagbabalik sa Singapore: The Return of the Comeback (OR Musings on NAIA 1 and Singapore Airlines)

Touchdown Singapore!
Singapore Central Business District (CBD) at night

I've mentioned in previous posts that the Little One and I will be leaving the country soon to follow Hubby to Singapore, where he is currently based. 

Well, here we are!  Just landed last April 1st.

Through the infamous NAIA 1

Since this was the Little One's first airplane ride, Hubby decided on booking tickets at Singapore Airlines just so she'd be more comfortable.  And that meant only 1 thing, we get to board through the world (in)famous NAIA terminal 1!

The last time I boarded a plane here was 3 years ago and well, almost everything seems to be the same except for a few changes.  First off, we seem to have more friendly and responsive airline terminal personnel.

NAIA terminal 1

Notice the shorter and more orderly lines?  A great improvement from years past when boarding at NAIA terminal 1 meant long, horrendous queues that seem to snake everywhere.  This improvement I credit to our terminal staff who assisted each and every passenger inside, armed with cheery smiles and warm greetings.

Another improvement I've seen is the boarding area that seems to be a set above the other spaces inside NAIA 1.

Singapore Airlines' boarding area

Whoa!  It's like I've been transported to another airline terminal altogether!  It looks so modern, altough the spaces betweet the seats could use a little more...uhmm... space/work.

And aaahhh... yes... the always complained about rest room.  Yup.  Still no significant improvements.  Still smells a little off and definitely looks worn out.

The dreaded rest room

On a positive note, I do applaud the improvements that HAVE already been implemented.  The friendly staff also makes a whole lot of difference, one you'll definitely notice when arriving from some other distant nation. 

Tangible adjustments to the physical appearance of our airline terminals can be easily remedied but teaching a nation to be friendly, kind, and courteous is a feat of humongous proportions.  And that is something foreigners and even our fellow kababayans (countrymen) cannot complain about.

Flying through the air with Singapore Airlines

Like everyone else, I too am an airfare sale fanatic, patiently waiting for a piso or 0 fare from various budget airlines.  But, as mentioned earlier, Hubby decided to book tickets through Singapore Airlines (SIA) so the Little One would be more comfortable.

I've ridden an SIA craft before and each trip never ceases to amaze me.  Such a big difference from riding a budget airline!

For one thing, the planes are a little bigger so there's more leg room in between seats.  Second, they also serve meals, even for such short trips like our 3½ hour Manila-to-Singapore flight.  Passengers are usually  presented with 2 choices.

Menu at the Economy class

And get this, the airline food they serve is edible.  In fact, it's more than that.  It's delicious!  And comes with an array of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to choose from!

Breakfast is served!

Other great conveniences they have for passengers traveling with children are the seatbelt for kids (which is attached to your own adult harness) and a small cot that babies and tots can sleep on during the flight.

Shhh... the Little One sound asleep

And where else can you find this in an airline bathroom?

Eau de toilette!

Eau de toilette!  How cool is that?!

This isn't goodbye, Philippines.  We'll see you again soon...

Stepping down the plane, having my feet, once again, touch Singapore soils feels so familiar already.  Not exactly home but almost close to it.  And although I will definitely miss the Philippines, my family and friends I left behind; we feel secure in the fact that home is but a mere 3½ hours away.

I may not know what our future might be (in fact I've never been more scared in all my life), but as a dear family friend told me, everything will be ok as long as family is beside me.  Be bold.  Seize the day!  Carpe diem!  J

Looking out to a bright future

P.S. I'll still be writing entries about PH finds and quirks mixed in with a lot of experiences about our life here in the Lion City.  Stay tuned for our OFW adventures!  J


NAIA Terminal 1

Singapore Airlines


  1. mukhang comfortable si baby sa flight. =)

  2. Hi Tin! I wish you and your family all the best in Singapore :) While I know I will miss your varied posts on Manila life, I will so look forward to your Singapore posts as it is one of my favorite cities, and would want tips on where to go and what to eat when I visit next! Cheers to you! :) And keep in touch :)

  3. excited to read about your life in SG :) your friend is absolutely right! kaya nyo yan ni hubby :)

  4. I guess T1 being tagged as the worst airport in the world helped the airport improve a little. I think its really the design which is flawed. You'll notice the big difference from the terminals 2 and 3 which are more spacious.

    The last time I used T1 was 6 years ago and I still have to see the difference. T3 is still the best for me, with lots of food establishments to choose from, he he he

  5. Nandyan na pala kayo sa Singapore! Looking forward to your Singapore adventure with your family! God Bless!

  6. I hope you have an amazing time there. Keep us updated :) Also, skateboarding is fun - you should try it! Hehehe.

    Please join my first international giveaway here:

  7. aww have a great journey ahead in the lion city :) it's "home" where your family is.. wherever that may be ;)

  8. I remember our first flight when we went to Philippines in 2011. Traveling with kids is not fun especially I have 23 hours in the plane.
    She's sounds asleep and don't want to be bother.

  9. God bless sa byahe ninyo. I remember my travel to Australia last year. Parang walang nagbago sa NAIA 1. Parang same photo lang yung ginamit natin sa post na ito at sa blog post ko about NAIA 1.

  10. good luck! i had been living the expat's wife life for close to 7 years now:-).

  11. Hello Jane! Magkano pala pamasahe Manila to SG?

  12. That is a cool view! Good Luck, Christine! :)


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