Friday, September 7, 2012

Tatty Teddy Bears are ♥

Almost every little girl I knew grew up with at least one teddy bear in their toy collection.  They're soft, cuddly, and such a comfort for little ones.  They come in all shapes, sizes and colors but by far, the one that remains closest to my heart are Tatty Teddy bears

My Tatty Teddy bear

Also known as Me to You bears, I first saw these cuties on a Carte Blanche greeting card and ever since, they've had me totally under their spell.  I really can't explain their hold on me but I love these Tatty Teddy bears!  They're so furry and warm and really nice to hold. 

I'm not much of a fan of huge-sized bears, so these little ones are just the right size for small hands (like the Little One's) and perfect for displaying at the office desk or any other display area.

Lovely with a rose

I adore them so much that the Husband and I even bought special bride and groom Tatty Teddy bears to serve as our wedding cake centerpieces.

Bride and groom Tatty Teddy bears

Such cuties, don't you think?  J


Learn more about Tatty Teddy bears at


  1. CUTE! :D I've had a lot of stuff toys as a kid but... my parents don't want me to play with it because of the fur. :( -sad face- And all I thought was: what was the point of having all of these then! HAHA!

  2. teddy bears weren't really allowed in our bedroom when i was a kid.. baka daw magka-asthma ako sabi ng mom ko! :(

  3. Yeah, cuties!

    I have a precious big teddy which was given by hubby in 2002:-). That teddy is older than our kids. It's safely tucked in our house in Seoul right now.

  4. Awwww. I love teddy bears! <3<3<3

    Is that your wedding cake? It's so cute!

    1. Yup. We asked the caterer to use real flowers for it. =)

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