Monday, September 3, 2012

Magnum Temptation's Fruit and Bonbons (A Singapore Food Post)

Just want to share photos of another fairly new Magnum variant here in Singapore -- the Magnum Temptation's Fruit and Bon Bon bar!

Magnum Temptation's Fruit and Bon Bon bar

Magnum Temptation's Fruit and Bon Bon bars are just like any old Magnum Classic bars except they're filled with cranberry fruit jam and small bon bons inside.


Not exactly my favorite since I find it a tad too sweet (so far I'm still sticking to their Magnum White -- read my post about it here) but it never hurts to try out something new, right?  J


Magnum Temptation's Fruit and Bonbon bars are available in most major supermarkets and grocery stores island (Singapore)-wide.  Retails for S$13.90 (Php450) a box (contains 3 regular-sized bars.)

*S$1 = Php33


To learn more about the various Magnum ice cream bars sold here in Singapore, please visit their website at


  1. Oh my gosh, I hope magkaroon din nyan dito...

  2. This looks really good, and luxurious too! P150 for an ice cream is really expensive though.. >.< But I want to try this when I visit SG next year.

  3. I was able to try Magnum Gold when i visited SG a few weeks back! ;)


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