Monday, September 17, 2012

DIY Fresh Water Pearl Bracelets

I first started buying fresh water pearl jewelry during a vacation to Puerto Princesa, Palawan where venders would sell stud earrings made of these beauties for only Php20.  Since working for an auditing firm required me to dress in corporate attire for most of the work days, fresh water pearl stud earrings, and other pearl jewelry piece for that matter, were the best accessories I could ever have since they're such versatile pieces. 

Aside from the office, I'd wear them during special, more formal affairs; and even when wanting to add a little class to a casual shirt and jeans look.  I'd been buying fresh water pearl jewelry ever since.

So when we had the Little One's baptismal rites last December 2011, I just knew I wanted a pair of matching fresh water pearl bracelets to complete our outfits.  Knowing I'd have a hard time locating one that would fit her tiny wrist, I DIY-ed and made these!

DIY fresh water pearl bracelets

These things are so easy to make, too. 

First, you'll need some light pink-hued fresh water pearls.  I bought mine from the jewerly tiangge at Market! Market! for only Php300 (that was after intense searching and extreme haggling.)  Note that these are stringed, unset line of pearls which was just what I needed since I'd be preparing them to make our bracelets.  It's cheaper to buy them at this unprepared state plus it would be a shame to tear apart a complete fixture just to get the pearls (to learn how to know deifference between a real deal from the fake, please visit 

String the pearls through some flexible elastic nylon string (can be bought at craft or hardware stores.)  Tie a tight knot at the end and adorn with ribbons, if desired.

Here we are wearing our matching chic bracelets.

We match!

The best part is I still had a lot of leftover pearls for use in the future.  I love DIY projects.  J


  1. whenver I go to palawan, i make it a point to go to the market and buy those pearl earrings as pasalubong to my lady officemates and friends. inexpensive and light, it's always a hit, ha ha ha.

    a lot of those pearls and other semi-precious stones used to be sold in quiapo stalls but lately i haven't noticed a lot of it. probably just a fad?

  2. I also still have a bunch of pearls from Palawan. I think I should definitely make something from them na.


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