Monday, December 26, 2011

Ordering through City Delivery

The worst thing about cravings is that they're so darn hard to ignore.  So when the need to munch on a favorite comfort food is just calling to you demanding satisfaction, it's something you oftentimes find needing to take action on.

But what if you're stuck at home or at the office and your fave resto/food place doesn't do deliveries?  Well, lucky us for City Delivery has come to save the day!

City Delivery

City Delivery is a multi-restaurant delivery service that works with a number of restaurants in the Metro to provide their customers with great food.  I've been meaning to try them out for a while now but alas!  They do not deliver in our neck of the woods (Cavite.)  But fate seemed to have smiled upon the family and I as we found ourselves staying in Manila one day (Yahoo!) 

So taking advantage of a Php100 discount GC I got from The Catwalk Cosmetics x Etude House Princess Make-up Workshop (read my full, unrelated to food, post here), Hubby and I happily browsed through the City Bites booklet (City Delivery's free pamphlet) and settled on a few choice offerings from Mangan.

Ordering can be done in 2 ways:

1. Dial 87878 and order from their call center agents; or

2. Click and order online at www.citydelivery.phYou'll be asked to register first before being able to place your orders.

We got our food arrived in record time, considering our orders came from Mangan's Robinson's Galleria branch

Dinner is served (sort of...)

City Delivery is ♥ because...

1. I love the concept!  Since there are restaurants who do not have the proper resources to offer home deliveries to their customers, City Delivery is definitely a blessing!  Aside from that, there are numerous options to choose from, and not just from one menu/establishment.

2. City Delivery also tied up with a number of well-known home cooks and bakers.  Now, you don't have to go to Mercato Centrale or any other weekend markets for your special home foodie fixes.  They're made available to you one dial or click away.

3. You can track your orders online in real time!  Wow!

4. You can place orders days in advance.  Really convenient for planning your meals ahead of time.

5. They accept payments made through credit, debit and ATM cards online or through their rider's Mobile POS system.  A plus in my book.  I rarely get to see this in most chains offering deliveries.  It's a blessing for those who find themselves short on cash.

A few downsides though..

1. Inter city-fees are expensive!  Aside from the standard 10% delivery charge, City Delivery also charges inter-city fees (i.e. you'll be ordering from one city, but the food establishsment is based in another, then inter-city fees apply.)  I'm not exactly sure how this is computed but in our case, we were charged Php150 (food from Pasig to be delivered to Makati City)

There is also a Long Distance Delivery Fee of Php265 which applies when the establishment you are ordering from is at least 4km away from your delivery location.

2. You can order from different establishments but each will be considered as different transactions.  From what I understand, this also means different inter-city fees, deliver charges, etc. as applicable.  Yikes!

3. Higher minumum food order of Php500.  A little expensive but acceptable, I guess, since this service encompasses a wider range of restaurants and locations.

You can still place orders below Php500 but an additional Php100 "Below Minimum" fee will be charged on top of the 10% delivery charge.

4.  The service is still limited to selected areas (for now.)  Wonder when they'll be delivering to the provinces. 

Would I order again at City Delivery?  Definitely.  Most especially when the cravings just can't seem to let me be.  But I'll be sure to budget my money first.  J


City Delivery
T     87878


  1. This is nice! I'm not sure if they were the one who delivers Lia's Cakes. May I call them if I'm at Place A but I want food delivered at Place B? just curious. :)

  2. this is one of the disadvantages if we live outside metro, so i have no choice but to pick up my order.

  3. NIce! ma try nga yan minsan. Hope you had a Wonderful Christmas celebration! Merry Christmas tou you and your family!

  4. @michymichymoo: I think so. I don't think that would be a problem as long as they're paid in Place B or online. =)

    @michi: So true. =(

    @anney: Merry Christmas to you and your family as well! =)

  5. Wow... baka sa bandang huli, mas mahal pa ang delivery fee kesa sa food. But that's a great concept diyan sa Pinas.

    Happy New Year, Tin!

  6. Wow! That's a very nice concept. :) I work online so I often have food cravings. I didn't realize you are also from Cavite. I'm from Imus so I cannot also avail of this service. Boo. I hope someday there will also be a service like this for Cavite restaurants. ^__^

    Happy New Year to you and your family! Take care! :)

  7. @J: Actually there was one experience but I did not continue with the transaction. But that's another story altogether. =)

    @Karla: I'm from Imus too! Kabayan! =)


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