Monday, December 5, 2011

Gift Giving the Saizen Way (1 of 2)

Warning: Picture heavy post J

I love Saizen!  Who wouldn't? 

Selling affordable and unique items, Saizen is every crafter's/cook's/techie's/athlete's/etc. dream come true when it comes to stuff related to their interests and hobbies.  And the beauty of it all?  Items are priced at Php85 only!

This being one of my favorite stores, I just knew I had to feature their items in a blog entry.  So e-mailing their marketing people beforehand, I was thankfully given the go-signal to go photo-crazy at their Robinson's Place Manila branch a few weeks ago.  The timing couldn't have been more perfect as Christmas is but a few days away.

Saizen Robinson's Place Manila
(photo from the Saizen Facebook page)

(NOTE: I'd like to thank Ms. Angela, Ms. Josette, Ms. Anna and the wonderful staff of Saizen Robinson's Place Manila for the allowing me to take a few a lot of photos to share with you.  J)

Oh!  Before we begin, let me just share with you a few intersting tidbits about Saizen (source: Saizen website)
  • The word Saizen roughly translates to "best=""choice"=""in="" Japan.
  • It is the authorized Philippine retailer of Daiso-Sangyo Inc., the real Hyaku-en or 100 yen stores found in Japan.  When it was decided to open branches here in the counrty, they found out that the name Daiso was already in use.  So they had to use a different name.
Now that that's done, without further adeiu, here are just some of the items one may find at Saizen...

Fashion and Beauty

Rows of make-up

Dial concealers.  Just twist and concealer is released at the brush tips.

Nose highlight powder?  Hmmmm...

Sweet lip palatte in a cute heart-shaped box

Lippie in a jewel container

Nail polishes in pretty pastel colors

Solid perfume in a jewel box case

Brow stencils.  For the perfect brow all the time.

One of my faves.  Charcoal mask that helps remove blackheads.

Charcoal soap.  Used to remove excess dirt and make up.

Milk soap!  Could this become a new fave, as well?  J

Pink and black lace pouch

Chic handheld mirror

Ion shampoo brush.  Contains tourmaline that generates negative ions to moisturize hair
and prevent damage to cuticles.  Makes hair shiny and flexible (as stated in the packaging.)

For your Pets

Fashion for the pampered pet, as well.
Glittery collar for the stylish pooch or feline...

...and a variety of pet clothes to choose from, too.

Food and Drink

Gumball machine toy bank

Peeled castanas, perfect for those who find it hard to open chestnut shells.

Royal milk tea.  I know a couple of friends who would go ga-ga over this.  J

Don't know what type of drink this is exactly but I love Shin Chan.  Hehehe!

Health and Fitness

Pedometer to keep track of your steps

Sports bra

Sauna jacket which allows you to sweat more during work-outs

Water dumbbell which is filled up with H2O to provide the desired weight.


2-way splitter cord so 2 people can listen to music coming
from a single device


Suitcase belt.  Also serves as a luggage tag.

Airplane-shaped luggage tag

Eye covers and foldabe slippers

Rows of travel containers for toiletry necessities

Cosmetic syringe for transferring your liquids to your travel containers.

Non-slip pad for holding your accesories while driving

Stayed tuned for part 2 of this series where I will be posting Saizen merchandise related to hobbies and houseware.  J


To learn more about Saizen and their products, please


  1. thanks for this article. I didn't know that they sell sports bra too. How much is it? I need to go there asap!:]

  2. This reminds me of Daiso... oh wait, it IS Daiso. :) I love to shop there too. Lots of treasures to find there. :)

  3. we don't have saizen here, but i'm a fan of japan home and daiso (P88 and P66).

  4. I'm wondering whether the cosmetic products are safe.

  5. Dyan ko binibili yung mga ibang bento accessories ko. I love the charcoal mask talagang nakakatanggal ng blackheads!

  6. Wow, very interesting. I'll go and visit a Saizen store tomorrow! :)

  7. @maly: Everything's at Php85. =)

    @A: Agree. I could lose myself for hours there. =)

    @michi: I go to both stores too but for craft tools, I go to Saizen. =)

    @michymichymoo: I can vouch for the bath products like the mask and soaps since I've been using them for months now. Safe naman and I haven;t encountered any skin outbreaks. My next buy will be the concealer. Will give you feedback after. =)

    @anney: Yup. I have to replenish my stock as well. Hehehe! =)

    @Bee: Enjpy, Bee! =)

  8. Thanks so much for posting this! <3 Glad to know there's a branch at Rob Manila na.

    My heart skipped a beat when I saw rows of nail polish. :D

  9. @fleetingdays: I love the pastel colors. Perfect for everyday wear. =)


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