Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gift Giving the Saizen Way (2 of 2)

WARNING: Picture heavy post

Due to the number of really interesting items at Saizen, I decided to cut the entry in half and showcase the rest of the photos in another post.  Sorry, I go crazy whenever I'm in that shop.  Hehehe!  J

And so as promised, I now bring you some more items from Saizen.

Hobbies and leisure

Toys, toys and more toys!

This reminds me of that fruit slicing game in android phones.  J

My fave section -- craft supplies!!!

Stick-on lace borders

Border stickers

Ribbons galore

Pattern tapes

File boxes in pretty patterns

Wrapping paper


Colorful markers

Mini blackboard

Funky erasers

Notebooks and pads

Sticky notes

Colored chalk

Home and Living

Shadow box

Wooden Geisha figurine

Wooden boxes

Jewelry holder

Chair leg covers, for the stylish seat.  J

Ceramic pots

Small trashcans

Electric outlet plugs

Name tag hooks

Shower taps.  Attached to faucets to control water flow.

Travel-sized sewing kit

Diagonal toothbrush

Portable ashtrays

We're not allowed to bore holes on the walls of our rented flat in SG.
So this hook door hanger solved our problems perfectly!  Just hang on top of
the door and voila!  A handy hanger.  J

Coffee filters

Coffee dripper.  Works almost similar to a coffee machine without the heavy pricetag.
Place coffee grounds inside the filter, add enough hot water for desired serving and let drip.  J

Affortable baking essentials.  If you've been to Gourdo's, you'll immediately
notice the price difference.  I love buying cutters here for use in crafting.


Fish bone tweezers for removing fish bones.

Mayonaise caps.  Twist on mayo bottles to make creative designs.

Pul tab openers

Wide peeler for slicing large veggies like cabbages, etc.

Fun ice trays

Food cover that looks like a shower cap.

Prop poles.  Just brace it in between walls.  Great for holding light shower and window curtains.

Everything is indeed amazing at Php85J


To learn more about Saizen and their products, please www.saizenph.multiply.com.


  1. I want that portable ashtray. Where can I find Saizen??


  2. I love Saizen, too. I can spend hours in that store just looking at everything :)

  3. Saizen really got good finds at affordable prices :)

  4. @Wonder Woman: There are branches in Rob Manila, Galleria and Market Market among others. You can check their site for the full list. =)

    @Suyen: Ditto. Its so addicting at times. =)

  5. I would love that red geisha on my table. I can look at it all day.
    Btw, thanks for greeting my little boy on his birthday!

    - Paula

  6. I spent hours at Saizen, Martket2, yesterday but only bought 3 items. I could have bought more kung hindi umiral kakuriputan ko :) Hehehe. Seriously though, I could spend hours at their store by just looking at their products :)

  7. thank you for sharing, unfortunately there's no Saizen near me but I have to say Japan Home comes next which I also love...

    by the way I have shared an award with you-check this out http://www.oflimesandlemons.info/2011/11/versatile-blogger-award.html

  8. @Paula: You're welcome. Birthdays are always special. =)

    @Em: Same here. I have to stip myself or else I'll ne buying a lot too. Hehehe! Lalo na at their Robinsons's branch. They also have a store in SG and Hubby hates it when I feel the urge to go there. The crafts section is huge!!! And I usually go around at least 2x just in case I miss something. =D

    @Icar: Thanks, Icar! I'm so touched. Will check it out. =)


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