Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sincere Gratitude

Living in today's modern world sure has a lot of advantages.  Globalization is a fast-growing trend due to technological advances in business.  We get things done fast and want things faster.  But have we ever slowed down and taken stock of what is truly important in life?

Like everyone else, I too was caught up in the moment.  Having graduated from college, I set out into the world confident of what I wanted and what I wanted to be.  So in the following years I engaged in activities that I knew would help me rise up the corporate ladder faster.  I took up seminars right and left.  I studied for my master's degree.  I devoured news and studies regarding my chosen field.  I made sure I did a good job in every task assigned to me, regardlessif it meant spending countless overtimes and holidays at the office.  Many a times I have foregone gimmicks, outings and miscellanous clubs, and sure enough, I felt myself slowly burning away.  This I didn't mind as I could see tangible results to all my sacrifices. 

Then finally, it came.  Prior to leaving Manila (I was supposed to follow my husband to Singapore middle of the year), after countless delays for one thing or another (usually school and work-related), I found hubby sounding less than enthusiastic during our weekly call.  Further probing revealed that he was tired of wating for me to follow him. 

Oh yeah, we fought about it.  Long and hard.  But in the end I realized that when before my sacrifices in the past resulted in consuquences only for me and no one else, this time around, my family life was slowly being jeopardized.  Needless to say, I immediately finished off all loose ends, packed up my things, and immediately flew to Singapore to be with family.  That experience was one bitter pill to swallow.

So what am I thankful for?
And even though I am here in a strange new land, starting my career again from scratch, the idea that there is still another tomorrow fills me up with renewed hope and energy everytime.  That it is ok to take it easy once in a while for that is the reason why God created "tomorrows."

I am one with Toblerone's continuing campaign to make October 20 National Thank You day.  Sign the petition and make sure this tradition will continue to live on...because gratitude is the sweetest medicine to cure all ills.  =)

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