Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I've always believed that there were only 3 types of people in a high school hierarchy.  We have the "cool" ones which include the jocks, the cheerleaders, the org leaders, etc.  Then there are the "nerds", the uber-smart ones who clearly had the the makings of becoming the next Bill Gates but are sadly lacking in the necessary social graces.  And finally, the "neutrals", of which are composed of the shy types who breezed through high school without even setting their mark.

I would like to believe that I fall in between the "neutrals" and the "nerds".  I wasn't severely bullied but like all kids, I did some things I do regret (some of which still haunts me to this very day).

In Columbia Pictures' You Again, Kristen Bell plays ex-nerd Marni who must deal with the idea of her brother getting married to her HS arch-nemesis, the girl who single-handedly ruined her high school life.  What follows is a line of hair-brained schemes to ruin the wedding, but in the end, everyone realizes an important lesson.

It is definitely a feel good movie that I don't mind watching again.  It also helps that Betty White plays Marni's grandmother who also dishes out her own brand of timeless wisdom.

Making mistakes is part of what we do.  Its how we go about fixing them that matters.

Catch You Again in your nearest movie house!

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