Monday, November 22, 2010

Lulu Belle Frozen Yogurt

Doesn't it seem like frozen yogurt joints are popping out everywhere?  Well, you're in for another treat.  I present Lulu Belle!

I, for one, am glad frozen yogurt stores are becoming so popular nowadays.  Yogurt is definitely a healthier choice (provided you avoid the chunky, syrupy overly sweet toppings) and is just as tasty as a soft serve ice cream (only more tart.)

Lulu Belle's offer yogurts in 3 different flavors - the regular tart one, strawberry and acai - with prices ranging from Php80 (small cup) to 130 (large)

Turn your yogurts into smoothies for Php130 or add toppings for Php20 (basic flavors) to Php35.

Aside from the yogurt, they also offer FIC products on the side so there's definitely something for everyone!

Don't you just love cows?  =)

 Visit Lulu Belle at the Power Plant Mall, Makati City.  =)

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