Thursday, May 27, 2010

Food Review: Siopao Boy by Masuki

Everybody has one.  You know what I mean.  That well-loved food place that evokes childhood memories of family togetherness and bonding.  That special resto you used to frequent as a kid on family gatherings, celebrations or just on an ordinary Friday night.  Regardless of whether its that corner turo-turo or that snazzy red and yellow place well-associated with a giant bee, one bite of their food and it never fails to evoke memories you thought were long forgotten.

I am no exception.  My time machine of choice?  A small noodle shop in the heart of Binondo by the name of Masuki.

I am a fourth-generation Masuki eater.  Ever since my paternal great-grandparents discovered this quaint hole-in-the-wall serving hot mami, tasty siomai and siopao, our clan has never been the same. 

Good thing though, Masuki has also found a home quite close to my current abode.  Enter Siopao Boy by Masuki, all our old faves in one convenient place in Quezon City.  Did I mention they also deliver?

With only a required minimum purchase of P300 for delivery, comfort food comes fast at your doorstep.  Here are just a few of my favorites:

Regular asado siopao (Php45.00)

Chicken-asado mami (Php85.00)

Siomai (a serving of 2 pieces costs Php46.00)

And how exactly do you enjoy this scrumptious feast?  Top it all off with lots and lots of Masuki's special sauce, of course!

Masuki, oh, Masuki...the stuff food dreams are made of....  Nostalgia express, here I come!


Masuki outlets:

Masuki Mami Restaurant Corporation
931 Benavidez Street
Binondo, Manila
Tel # 244-0745

Masuki Mami House
368 Sekai Center Unit 203
Ortigas Avenue cor. Madison Street,
Greenhills, San Juan City
Tel # 744-2720


  1. The siomai is called siew mai in malaysia. damn nice.

  2. Really? I didn't know that. I guess I assumed it was also called as siomai in other places as well. Hehehe! You learn something new everyday. =)

  3. i eat there already.rapsa anyway.

  4. The asdo siopao is oh so beautiful and tasty. Hehe

  5. @Cars for sale: Yup! Now, I'm starting to crave them again. Hehehe! =D

  6. @[pinkc00kies]: They also have the main store in Binondo. If ever you're in any of the 2 areas, try them. They're really good. =)

  7. I am just craving of this SIOMAI and I am really sure that we can buy also @ Salcedo Market:)

    ----> Eiyah @ salcedo market


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