Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cheap Laptop Bags (Below P1,000)

There must be something wrong with me, but I consider laptop/netbook bags priced above P1,000 very expensive.  Considering you can buy a simple P100 laptop sleeve and use just any ordinary bag, you're basically good to go.  One can debate on and on about the advantages and disadvantages of having a special bag simply made for carrying your laptop -- but we're not here to talk about that.  =)

About 6 months ago, I finally bit the dust and bought myself a cute Asus 1005HA eeepc.  And then I realized why the obsession over those laptop/netbook bags.  Laptops and netbooks don't come cheap and protection is needed in order for your babies to last a long, long time.

But, boy!  Were good laptop bags hard to find!  Most of the bags I found were either way out of my budget, lacked enough storage space (was just enough for the lappies), or just plain boring.  Since I won't be bringing my netbook to the office all the time, I decided to go out-of-the-box and look for reasonably-priced, more casual alternatives.

Here are just some I was able to scout for one lazy afternoon in the mall:

1. Heartstrings is a local brand targeting mostly teens, however, their designs are just too cute to resist.  According to their sales staff, Heartstrings is trying to enter the laptop/netbook bag market so most of their newer backpack designs have added padding and snug closures for your lappies.

One downside I've seen though, they sell canvas backpacks that are not exactly 100% water repellant.  However, they do sell similar items in more water resistant materials.  Their bags are in varying sizes, largest I've seen from them can fit around a 14" laptop.

Just one of a Heartstrings' canvas backpacks - front (P550)

Heartstrings canvas backpack - inside (P550)

Here's another design of the same Heartstrings backpack  as featured above.  This one though is more water resistant.

A Heartstrings messenger bag - front (P579.75)

A Heartstrings messenger bag - inside (P579.75)

2. Landmark is a mecca for reasonably-priced items.  Everything you need under the sun, Landmark has it. 

I saw this chic messenger laptop bag at the 2nd floor.  Reminds you of a Golla-inspired bag, don't you think?  Has a drawstring closure inside and is very well padded.  Good for 14" lappies and below.

Laptop messenger bag from landmark - front (P899.75)

Laptop messenger bag from landmark - inside (P899.75)

3. Cose is another brand targeting the younger set, but this messenger bag was too hard to miss.  Unlike Heartstrings though, Cose has yet to release more designs for laptop bags, so expect very slim pickings.  Who knows, they might come up with more designs in the future. 

This messenger bag can fit around 13" and below.

Cose messenger laptop bag - front (P699.75)

Cose messenger laptop bag - inside (P699.75)
(I apologize for not removing the plastic fillers.  Saleslady was giving me the evil eye that time.  Hehehe!)

4. Human.  From what I've seen so far, most of their laptop bags are designed for males.  Case in point, messenger laptop bag featured below.  Has good built-in padded sleeve.  My main gripe though is it's  masculine design.  Hope they come out with more feminine ones.  =)

Their sister company, Bench, also sells affordable laptop bags, but not really that aesthetically pleasing to me.  Similar to Human, its designed mostly for their male customers.

Human messenger bag - front (749.00)

Human messanger bag - inside (749.00)

5. SM - I don't know exactly what this brand is, but I saw quite a few of them on display in SM Makati.  Downside is, the built-in sleeve looks more like an ordinary partition, and is only padded on one side.  You'll have to use a separate sleeve when using this.

The good side though, they offer one of the biggest laptop bag sizes I've seen so far.  This bag can fit up to 16" lappies.

Laptop bag seen in SM - front (P440.00)

Laptop bag seen in SM - inside (P440.00)

6. Illustazo.  Cute, funky design - CHECK.  Well-padded sides - CHECK. A lot of partitions for all your stuff - CHECK.  What more could you ask?  This backpack was designed specifically for netbooks (10" and smaller) but they do sell bags for bigger-sized lappies.

Illustrazo netbook backpack - front (P899.00)

Illustrazo netbook backpack - inside (P899.00)

7. Halo.  As mentioned by the sales staff, Halo is a brand from Hong Kong.  I'm not 100% sure though as I am having a time locating a company website.  So far, they sell backpacks and totes for bigger-sized laptops, around 14" and above.  Designs are androgynous and funky enough.  This cute purple one really caught my eye.

Halo backpack - front (P795.00)

Halo backpack - inside (P795.00)

8. Tech Tote bags, sold in all Powerbooks branches, sell, well...uhmmm..laptop/netbook totes.  I love the mini grape frizz model, but the handle is too short for my taste.  I can already feel the bag brushing up my armpit.  Sorry.  Too close for comfort. Now unless, this bag is made to be hand-carried only, then its nice enough as it is.  (Personally, I prefer it strapped to my person.  Iwas biglang dukot ba.  Hehehe!)  Photos are from the Tech Tote website.

Mini Grape Frizz from TechTote (P880);
Same item raffled off at Yugatech last year.

Lemon Torte from TechTote (P910)

I'm still on the hunt...stay tuned for more laptop/netbook bag finds!  =)



  1. This is such a cool and informative post. I actually have a Halo netbook bag and it looks nice and simple. Thanks for posting this! :)

  2. Salamat! I wanted to show people that there are alternatives. Not just the expensive ones din. My problem before was looking for one I'd really love. Now I'm having a hard time choosing naman. Hahaha! =D

  3. WOW! Just when I was thinking where to buy a lappie bag! Thanks for this post. I might consider buying on one of the stores you mentioned. :D

    Following you now :)

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for this post. I was just wondering about that Halo laptop bags. Do you happen to know where to find their stores or even a website???. I would be glad to recieve a response. You can send me information on my formspring.


  5. Hi Pauwee, I know they have a booth in Robinson's Manila. Other than that, don't have a clue. I've been trying to search for a website, but no luck as well.

  6. hi.. where can i find the illustrazo store? pls pls i want to buy a bag for my netbook..

    thank you..
    u can email me at


  7. Hi! Major SM department stores carry Illustrazo products. The one I featured here was from SM Makati. =)

  8. Posh! Posh! Posh! Those bags are all pretty. I especially love the polka dots! Is that for P1000.00 too? How do I order this online? Or this is only available in stores? Thank you and more power to you!

  9. The polka dotted one sells for P440.00 at any SM department store branch. Unfortunately, they don't sell online. =)

  10. Hi,

    I've been searching for a purple "cute-sized" laptop bag for my friend for weeks now, and I think (whew!) that Halo backpack fits the description quite well. May I know if you have an idea if they still have that booth on Robinson's Manila?
    Pls. mail me @

    Thanks for this great post btw!

  11. Yes. Its still there. They also have a booth in Glorietta. =)

  12. Heartstring bagpacks are nice but the zippers are not of good quality. I have bought 3 backpacks and after a month or two the zippers can't be zipped already. I have it repaired at heartstrings they charge me for 150 bucks, for repairing the zipper can you believe that!, Now the other bag have the same problem, heartstrings bag sucks!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Hi! You may also check out We have fab and affordable latop bags, sleeves and sling. Our products were featured in Umagang kay Ganda and Kabuhayang Swak na Swak. Thanks.

  14. Hi! Came across this post as I was looking for an online retailer of laptop bags. BTW, Halo has a shop in SM Cubao, Cyberzone. Not just a booth but a full-blown store with their complete line-up. Will definitely buy a sleeve there as it only costs around P450 (+-) =)

  15. Wow! Seems that Halo is one popular store. Keep the comments coming! Thanks all! =)

  16. When I first bought a netbook (Asus 1000HE), I was persuaded into buying an expensive laptop bag - which I did (P3,500). Alas, after just over a year it gave up on me. Now I'm using a bigger laptop bag bought from Landmark for just P1k and it's actually better and has more storage for my other gadgets and lunchbox!

  17. @Anonymous: Good for you! Seems like you're really happy with your new bag. =)

  18. wow thanks so much for this post! it saves me a lot of time!


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