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FAB FIND! My Nautical-inspired Bag from Robinson's Department Store

I was never one to invest in bags, mainly because I get tired with a design after a few months/years of use.  Although I make an exception for office bags since this is important in setting a professional image.  But other than that, my other totes, handbags, carriers, etc. designed for more casual wear and tear (say a mall trip during the weekends), I just buy whatever I find is cute and age appropriate.

So when I saw this nautical-inspired tote at Robinson's Place Manila selling for only Php99(!), I just knew I had to get me one quick.

My nautical-inspired tote from Robinson's Place Manila

The bag itself is made up of canvass and outfitted with rope coils that serve as bag handles.

Love the rope details

My only gripe with this bag is that it doesn't have any type of enclosure to keep the bag closed and away from itchy hands not my own.  And I'm such a stickler for security, being the obsessive-compulsive person that I am.  The solution?  Have it fitted with a zipper at Mr. Quikie!

Not it's perfect!

Tadaaa!  My bag is now perfect.  Funny thing though, the zipper is more expensive that the bag.  It cost me Php190 (price varies depending the type of zipper to be used and the length needed) to have my tote fitted with a zipper.

Never the less, I am so lovin' this tote to bits!  J


  1. expensive talaga sa mr. quickie. hindi mukhang P99 ang bag. =)

  2. Waaah! I love the bag, lalo na the price. Sana meron khit Rob Imus. I want one, too. Hehe. Gaya gaya much :)

    There's a place near 711 Imus where you can have the zipper installed, mas mura for sure.

  3. wow! great find indeed! sobrang sulit! you got yourself more than your money's worth.

  4. Love your new tote! :D Would love to sport nautical-inspired totes like that, especially that it's summer. It would really go well for beach outings too! :)

  5. Wow! What a steal! That's awesome! :)

  6. Only 99??? That's insane!!! Will definitely check this out ♥

  7. Wow! Nice find! I love bags, especially cloth bags! :)

  8. super nice find sis! perfect for beach trips :)

  9. the bag is cool..I like that kind of bag once in a while.

  10. Gosh! This is such a find!!! I hope they still have this! Im off to a beach trip soon and I just use my Longchamp bags because they're easy to pack. Problem lang, they get dirty, old, stained, etc. Hehe. So I think I should get something like this.. Cute but inexpensive for my next trip ;)

  11. Wow! This is a great buy! Love the bag! I want one too :)

  12. i have this thing for bags and i just have to comment and say that 1.) the mr. quickie fix was a brilliant idea! and 2.) i *heart* the bag!!! squeeee!

  13. Wow! Dami comments about this bag. Hehehe! Thanks all! Yup. I still love this bag and still use it for trips out. =D

  14. I love the bag!!!!! That is why I love Robinson's! They sell low priced items but the quality doesn't suffer. :)


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