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Wheatgrass Indeed Can!

We've all seen the commercials and ads touting people to adapt a healthy lifestyle by consuming wheatgrass.  No only does it help in proper digestion, it is said to aid in cancer prevention and detoxification of heavy metal compounds we may have accidentally ingested whether through food, drink or products used in our everyday lives.

I have to admit though.  The one major consideration of why I haven't jumped in the bandwagon and joined the millions of wheatgrass-drinking people is the taste.  It is grass, people, and it will have no other flavor.  But Easy Pha-max has me looking at it in a different light.

Get hooked on good grass

Having been given samples of various Easy Pha-max wheatgrass products, I hankered down for the ultimate taste test.

Easy Pha-max wheatgrass products

Wheatgrass Powder
Easy Pha-max's wheatgrass powder

Containing 100% wheatgrass (including the roots), this drink is quite easy to prepare as you just have to dissolve the powder in water. 

The taste really surprised me as it's not as "grass"-like as I was expecting it to be.  Yes, you can still get that grass taste but it's not as strong.  Definitely tolerable even for those with really weak stomachs for anything plant-like.

Wheatgrass Honey

Easy Pha-max's wheatgrass honey

Easy Pha-max's wheatgrass honey is perfect for those who would prefer their beverages sweet.  It's a nice drink when prepared iced and makes for one sweet conction.  My bro, ever the barista, even mentioned that it tastes almost similar to Starbucks' Green Tea frappe.  Go figure.  J

Wheatgrass Bio Soy Milk

Easy Pha-max's bio soy milk

For those who are lactose intoletant, Easy Pha-max's wheatgrass bio soy milk is the drink for you.  It's soy with all the goodness of wheatgrass.  A little sweet too.

Bio Coffee

Wheatgrass in coffee?

Easy Pha-max's bio coffee

Well, apparently you can do it and you won't even notice a hint of wheatgrass.  With the Easy Pha-max's bio coffee, you can't even tell the difference between that versus a regular cup of joe.

Easy pha-max's bio coffee (left); ordinary coffee (right)

It also smells like Nescafe 3-in-1.  But personally, this is my least favorite of all 4, since the coffee just isn't strong enough for me.

In conclusion...

You can get your daily doses of wheatgrass (3 is the recommended serving) in a day.  With the various wheatgrass products offered by Easy Pha-max, you won't get bored with the variety.


Easy Pha-max products are available in major malls nationwide.


  1. I've been seeing this in the malls! There were times that I was tempted to take a look at the product but just like everyone else, I was thinking that it would taste like grass. Thanks for sharing this product review. I will try this product this weekend. :)

  2. hubby wants to try this because of the benefits..will love to try the one with honey :)

  3. @michi: Wheatgrass is around Php9++ to 1,7++ for a pack of 30s and 66s, respectively. Wheatgrass Honey is around Php590 to 1,190 per pack. I'm afraid I don't have the prices of the bio coffee and soy milk. =(

    @Jenggai: Well, there is still the grassy taste but its not that strong. =)

    @kath: My bro recommends that. =)

  4. personally am not a fan of wheatgrass. i'd rather eat vegetables... :)

  5. I used to drink wheat juice. It was okay though ~ yes ~ it's bland.

  6. havent tried wheatgrass but i've been hearing about the good benefits.

  7. I haven't tried the other variants, but I drink Easy Pha-max's plain wheatgrass (powder) occasionally. I love it cold! :) Anyway, I didn't know they have the soymilk and bio coffee variants already! I should try the honey and soymilk variants soon. Would be skipping the bio coffee though, 'cause I like my coffee a little strong too ^^

  8. @Janelle: I miss eating chopsuey. =(

    @Love Love ♥: I wonder if its the same with the other brands as well. =)

    @allison: Yup. The media has been marketing this so much lately. =)

    @Sumi Go: Same here. I love my coffee with condensed milk. A remnant of my kaya toast days in SG. Hehehe! Which reminds me, I'll be having that every week again soon. =)

  9. It's good that Easy Pha-max offers a variety of wheatgrass-based products aside from the pure wheatgrass powder. I personally love the wheatgrass with honey because of its engaging taste plus it's nutritious because it's loaded with vitamins and minerals. It's a good maintenance drink to keep your body fit and healthy too.


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