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DIETS: At Last! Someone Who Understands Me!

Every girl has gone through with it.  Its a never ending cycle of torture.  What exactly do I mean?  Its the dreaded D-I-E-T.  There's a reason why D-I-E are the first 3 letters of this dreaded word because seriously folks, I dare you to show me a person who enjoys dieting! 

I've noticed that in the course of trying to live my life, I have invited over a few unwanted friends.  Yes folks!  The extra poundage has arrived!  And although I do not consider myself thin, I was already at a stage where I was comfortable enough with my body.  However, living and facing life's daily struggles takes its toll on you and we naturally turn to food for comfort. 

So since I came to Singapore to be with hubby, I have decided to say goodbye to a few of my friends and do a lifestyle change.  But I hate those self-confessed fitness geeks who keep on yapping that this technique or that is the proper thing to do.  Makes me want to sock it to them!  But finally! A Yahoo article has set the rules straight!  Rejoice for dieting do not seem so bad now after all!

6 Diet Rules You Can Break:

1. You must exercise to lose weight.  The article does not say that you don't need to exercise.  In fact, exercise IS important and should always be included in your daily regimen.  However, as the article's author explains it, carefully monitoring your food intake can make you lose weight as well.  Say you exercise 2 hours a day but eat a whole lechon in one sitting, then man, hard times are coming ahead!  Exercise is VERY IMPORTANT but it is a myth the you can't ever lose weight without it.

2. Only weigh yourself once a week.  According to the article, your schedule of weighing in depends on what is comfortable to you.  If you prefer weighing in daily or once a week to make sure you're on track, then go ahead and do it.  Other people, in general, abhor the site of a weighing scale.  If this is the case, then use an alternative way of measuing how successful your lifestyle change is.  Try measuring your body from time to time (hips, arms, leg, etc.)  Others simply prefer using their clothes as their gauge.  Do what you think is best.

3. Dessert is a no-no.  People prefer a fruit pop as an everyday treat after a good day of following their new lifestyle plan.  Some people splurge once a week for that iced macchiato or slice of cheesecake.  There are also alternatives to sinful, gut-bursting snacks.  Just read the label and be sure not to overindulge. 

4. Portion control everything you eat.  Its ok to overeat on certain veggies.  Most especially the leafy ones since they are low in calories and high in fiber.  You'll feel full longer.

5. Never skip breakfast (or in my case, a meal).  Hallelujah!  When I was working, I was never much of a breakfast eater.  I don't usually feel peppy enough in the morning to stuff myself with breakfast.  Joy Bauer mentions that as long as you do not have a tendency to overeat in the day, then go ahead and skip breakfast.  But do try to take in a light snack mid-am to keep you going.  I prefer skyflakes or a cup of oatmeal at 10 a.m.  That's the usually the time I get my hunger pangs.

In my previous attempts to be rid of the poundage, I'd also starve myself and forgo dinner.  But now I am with the hubby (who to my utter envy, never seems to gain a pound regardless of how heavy he eats!), skipping dinner is definitely prohibited.  So what I'd do, I take a light, low calorie breakfast and lunch, then make sure I don't go overboard for dinner.  It has worked so far.  I've lost 4 lbs to date!

6. Salads are your best bet for losing weight.  Not always so.  If you are a voracious reader of the Eat This, Not That series, you'll find that there are some fast food salads out there that have more calories that a Big Mac (think some CPK salads)!  If faced with a humongous mayo-drizzled salad versus a small order of french fries, then you're better off with the latter.

Read the whole article here.

scalephoto © 2010 Colin | more info(via: Wylio)


  1. I've worked 4 months or so just to cut off some extra baggage i have. My daily routine works for me very well. I don't skip meals, in fact i have 3 complete meals in a day with 2 light snacks in between. Moderation is the key. Also I do some dance exercise every morning like hip hop abs and some pilates on the side when i have spare time. Now, I already lost almost 50 lbs.


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