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WEDDING SUPPLIERS REVIEW: Teddy Ramirez (Hair & Make-up)

I was not actually supposed to write this entry this early since I really want to do justice when reviewing Teddy Ramirez's Hair and Make-Up skills.  But due to inquiries I have been receiving about his work, I guess now is the best time as any to release my review.

I can tell you this now though, I am recommending Teddy Ramirez.  I am 100% satisfied with his work.  =)

My acquiring Teddy Ramirez's services happened quite by accident.  Teddy is well aware of this since when I first met him during our trial hair and make-up (HMU), I was not a happy camper. 

My original HMU artist, who I employed, skipped out on me during my pre-nup photoshoot (he was supposed to do my hair and make-up that day).  But that, my friends, is another story all together.  =)

Anyway, frantic and panicking, seeing time pass by so fast, I suddenly found myself in the predicament of searching for another HMU artist all over again.  I searched through websites and visited old flyers collected from wedding fairs.  Heck!  I even started attending wedding fairs again (All of this happened in November, only 2 months before our big day, when I was already done searching for suppliers, hence, did not have the need to attend bridal fairs anymore). 

All my inquiries were to no avail.  Since it was so close to the big day, most of the other suppliers I wanted were already booked.  I was starting to consider plan B (that being rushing over to the corner parlor, dress and all, on my wedding day to have my HMU done).  Tacky and such a hassle, yes, but I was that desperate already.

In a sudden burst of inspiration, my ever-reliant mom remembered my cousin's wedding HMU artist, Teddy Ramirez.  A very dear friend of their modista, the one who did my cousin's and her entourage's gowns, Teddy was hired by my cousin on the spot.

I scanned though pictures of my cousin's wedding and only then did I notice her hair and make-up.  It was perfect!  Just the way I wanted it to be.  I do not wear make-up regularly and have always abhorred those cakey-faced models with too much junk on their faces.  But with Teddy's work, it just seemed oh so natural.

So with fingers (and to some extent, my toes as well) crossed, I got Teddy's number from my cousin and sent him a text to see if he was still available for our wedding day.  Heaven seemed to smile down on us for, as luck would have it, he was still available on January 9, 2010. 

We went through the formalities of course, did the trial HMU and whatnot, and as expected, he did it exactly as I wanted.  He also got along well with my aunts and mom, so that is definitely a good sign for me.

To view my amazing transformation (hehehe!), here's what I normally look like everyday:

Ex-BF (now hubby) and I in one of our vacations

This is me at Bo's Cafe in Mall of Asia

And here is what I looked like on our big day!

My HMU package included my hair and make-up plus 2 more people.  So I decided that one of my bridesmaids and my mom would benefit from this arrangement.  (NOTE: Someone left a comment on why my hair looked the same on my wedding day.  This was actually done on purpose since, stupid me, I had my hair cut a few months before the big day.  It was because of frustration at work.  Hehehe!  So because of that, I asked Teddy to just fix my hair the way I use to style it.  Just add more body and poof.)

Teddy fixing up one of my bridesmaids (a.k.a. my cousin/sherpa)  =)

Teddy trying his best to fix me up.  Gulo ko e.  Hahaha!

Finished product!

My cousin / bridesmaid and I

My mom and I

On our way to a photoshoot

Photo taken before the wedding

Me saying our vows

Hubby and I signing the papers that bonded us forever

What made Teddy so endearing to us was not only the quality of work he did, but his dedication to his craft and his attitude.  He was really fun to be with.  You always felt so at ease with him around.  He also went the extra mile for us during the wedding, sitting through the wedding proper and making sure to touch up my make-up before the reception started.

I said it before and I'll say it again.  Teddy Ramirez is a true artiste!  I recommend him 100%.


For anyone who wishes to talk to Teddy Ramirez, you may get in touch with him through his cell phone number, (+63 920) 2497744.  I promise, you won't be sorry.  J

For a detailed list of our wedding expenses and some handy tips, please visit my Wedding Expenses: Our own Personalized Summary of Wedding Needsand Wants post at this link.


  1. Actually he did. =)

    There's a story to that actually. Before the wedding (around 2 months before) I was stupid enough to have my hair cut really short.

    Yes, it was idiotic of me but I have a habit to pampering myself whenever I fell really stressed or mad. Its a hard habit to break (pardon the clique). This was before I got Teddy's services (believe me, nasabihan nga nya ako e. Hehehe!)

    We tried all we could to fix my hair in a different style, but to no avail. So in the end, I preferred to have my hair straightened, instead. I like it that way naman talaga. It looks simple. Just right for me. =)

    Don't worry though, I've seen his work on my cousin (she opted to have her hair tied half-way, not the usual wedding updo). It looked pretty good naman (Sorry but I could not post her wedding pic here. She might not approve po kasi).

    I suggest you be open to Teddy and tell him straight up what you want. There's trial HMU pa naman e. =)

  2. I apologize for the person who commented a while back. Your comment was acidentally deleted. I'm still getting used to this comment moderation thing. Sorry. =(

    Anyway, my answer to your comment on why my hair looks the same way I always style it found above. =)


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