Friday, February 10, 2017

SG | Tamago Gani Snack

Ok, not really a snack locally made in Singapore but it is in one of the country's numerous Expo sales that stumbled upon the Tamago Gani snack.  Thought they looked for adoringly unusual that I just had to buy a bag and blog about it!

Tamago Gani

Tamago Gani, literally translated to "egg crabs" are not really crab eggs; but small, baby crustaceans.  Cooked and smothered with a sweet teriyaki sesame sauce, each piece is small enough to pop into your mouth.  No de-shelling required

Now, I am no stranger to eating baby crabs whole.  Fry them up and dip them in vinegar; they actually make good appetizers/meal. However, one bite of Tamago Gani and I can tell you, it is an acquired taste.

The flavored coating itself was great.  Sticky sweet with a bit of the salty crab taste to compliment it well.  But what put me off is the fact that, instead of edible soft shell, I bit into pieces with hard shell coverings.  It felt like chewing egg shells (hope I didn't damage my teeth).

A big no; but a definite yes for a blog post.  :D

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