Friday, May 2, 2014

Neighborhood Haunt: Wings & Wedges

Tucked along a row of small shops in Bonny Serrano (very near Camp Crame) is a little hole-in-the-wall that sells that quintessential of all comfort foods -- Buffalo Chicken Wings.  And with a joint that offers that, what other name can be more fitting than Wings & Wedges.

Wings & Wedges

The specialty of the house is, of course, their juicy Buffalo Chicken Wings (Php190 for a 4-piece serving).  Have it 2 ways: spicy or sweet (I personally enjoy the latter).  Paired with a cup of pipping hot rice and you have yourself the makings of one sinful meal.

Sweet Buffalo Chicken Wings

I know Buffalo Chicken Wings are supposed to be just finger food; but I just can't help not having rice with these babies on my plate.  Sweet!

Now if rice isn't your thing, Wings & Wedges also offers a good selection of pizzas and pastas, among other things.  A personal fave is their Carbonara (Php110 for a single serving) with it's creamy white sauce topped with a generous (and I do mean generous) serving of bacon and mushroom. 


Lasagna's (Php150) also a best seller.  Lasagna noodles with layers of creamy white sauce, beef, and 2 kinds of cheeses.  What's not to love?


With such great food, I've always wondered though why this places hasn't exactly generated much buzz.  That is until a few visits later did I find the reason why.  Their dishes, although, very promising; Wings & Wedges still have a ways to go in terms of consistency.

Case in point; the family's developed the habit of ordering take-out from Wings & Wedges every time we find ourselves within the San Juan area.  And on those visits, we'd either usually get really delicious dishes, or bland ones.  But regardless, we order on in the hopes that we hit the jackpot and get served up with a good meal by chance.  I swear the gamble pays off if it means having great wings again.

Still, here's hoping for more consistency in the future.  They'd make a great addition to the fast food line-up here in the Metro.


Wings & Wedges
290 Santolan Road cor. 5th St.
West Crame, San Juan City
T     +63 2 788 2817
M    +63 923 485 1412


  1. Promising place! Hope they'll work on the consistency though. :)

  2. Maybe the inconsistency is part of the gimmick of Wings and Wedges. Imagine the thrill that you'll have while waiting if the buffalo wings that you'll get is delicious or not. :-P


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