Monday, May 19, 2014

STYLE FOR LESS: Wacoal's SB4712 VS Bench / Body's Wireless Bra

THE SPLURGE: Wacoal's SB4712 (Php895.00)

The Madir and I are huge fans of Japanese brand, Wacoal.  They offer super comfortable bras that offer great fit and lift (if need be).  Albeit priced a little higher than other brands found in department stores, the splurge is definitely worth it.

Wacoal's SB4712

THE STEAL: Bench / Body's Wireless Bra (Php299.75)

For a more cheaper alternative, then this basic wireless from Bench / Body is the answer.

Bench / Body's wireless bra

It's just as comfy, however may not be as durable as a Wacoal's.  But for only Php299.75 a piece, who's complaining?  J


Wacoal and Bench / Body products are available at major department stores nationwide.


  1. ooppsss.. gotta check this out since I'm no underwire bra fan..

  2. Me!! :) unfortunately, they don't have a size for me :(

  3. Bench body will last, as long as you wash it delicately. :)

  4. I think I'll go with the wireless variety for everyday use. I find wires uncomfortable.

  5. For big chested women kasi, it's better to wear bras with an underwire. For support. But at home, I prefer no wires kasi it's really more comfortable nga. =)


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