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Resorts World Sentosa Singapore's (Fairly) Newest Attractions: The Maritime Experiential Museum™ and Marine Life Park™

It's a known fact that Singapore is a small country.  But what it lacks in size, it definitely makes up for it in fun attractions both locals and tourists can enjoy.  Take Resorts World™ Sentosa's (fairly) newest attractions, The Maritime Experiential Museum and Marine Life Park™.

The Maritime Experiential Museum and Marine Life Park, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

Opened late 2012, the The Maritime Experiential Museum and Marine Life Park™ adds to this integrated resort's list of attractions that's sure to draw in visitors for years to come.  (Learn more about RWS and how to get there in my The Little One Goes to Universal Studios Singapore! post -- link here.)

The Maritime Experiental Museum

The Maritime Experiential Museum is an interactive, multi-sensorial museum that aims to showcase Asia's rich maritime history and Singapore early days as a bustling trading port.

Some of the displays

Being a multi-sensorial museum, it lets let visitors experience life during the time of the Maritime Silk Route with sight, sounds, and to a certain extent, smell brought into play.

It also houses a replica of the Jewel of Muscat, an Arab dhow ship presented by the Sultanate of Oman to the Singaporean people.

Replica of the Jewel of Muscat

At the end of the museum, one can opt (although I highly recommend you do spend a few more dollars for this) to also experience the 360º multimedia Typhoon Theatre, where one can experience being caught in a disastrous storm aboard a merchant ship.

Start of the Typhoon Theatre

There is a story in play.  Visitors become part of the action as they get tossed from side to side; with a few light water sprays, too.  It's a really great ride; and in the end (spoiler alert!) you end up "sinking" to the bottom of the sea along with the boat.

But it's all worth it because in the end, the doors open and when you step out, you're met with this glorious display.


Yup.  It's a shipwreck.  How cool it that?!

Marine Life Park™

RWS's Marine Life Park™ is touted as the world's largest oceanarium (as if housing a shipwreck isn't any indication how huge this place is), to date.  Home to the S.E.A. Aquarium and Adventure Cove Park, this 8-hectare park aims to provide a fun place for anyone wishing to learn more about our vast and varied marine life.

Entrance to S.E.A. Aquarium

The S.E.A. Aquarium exhibits an impressive collection of manta rays (the largest in the world, in fact; which also includes the only giant oceanic manta ray in captivity), bottlenose dolphines, scalloped hammerhead sharks, and the Japanese spider crab, among others.  It also features a host of other least commonly-exhibited marine species in their various natural habitats.


S.E.A. Aquarium's centerpiece is the Open Ocean habitat, which is accredited by the Guinness World Records™ as the the world's largest aquarium.    

Open Ocean habitat

The aquarium is full of manta rays, groupers, and various schools of fish swimming around the tank.  It's eerie (and I must admit, even I was a little scared at first); but beautiful and peaceful, in a way.

For the more adventurous, the park also offers Ultimate Marine Encounters, where visitors get a chance to get up close and personal to various marine animals like sharks and manta rays.

There's also Adventure Cove Waterpark™, an aquatic adventure park with a number of thrilling waterslides and a wave pool, among others.  (NOTE: We, unfortunately, were not able to visit this side of the park as the attractions within weren't appropriate for the Little One yet.)

Learning about marine life has never been this fun.  What a great way of spending an educational afternoon.  J

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The Maritime Experiential Museum™ and Marine Life Park™
Resorts World at Sentosa
Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269
T      (+65) 6577 8888

Please visit the Resorts World™ Sentosa website (click here for the site) for more information on operating hours and ticketing prices. 

Planning to visit?  Drop by my "Getting Around Singapore" post (click here) for more details on how to get around the Lion City.


  1. Sa photos napamangha na ako pano na kaya sa personal , hmmmmm yung shipwrecked omg sa movie ko lng nasasight yun

  2. Wow, a shipwreck! No doubt it must be the largest oceanarium! :)


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