Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Little One's Photoshoot at The Picture Company

Every parent can attest to how fast babies seem to grow.  I swear the Little One grew a foot taller when my back was turned! 

Exaggerations aside, time does fly so fast and before you know it, your baby's off living her own independent life (Sniff!  L)  This is the exact main reason why videos and photos are so essential in capturing those carefree days of their childhood (although I don't know about the others, but I'm also planning to use these mementos as blackmail when the Little One does grow up and drive me completely off the wall with her dangerous out-of-this-world requests.  You can never be prepared enough.  J)

In line with this thinking (both reasons stated), I just couldn't resist not having the Little One's photo taken at The Picture Company (Mall of Asia branch) just before we left for Singapore last April.

The Favorite Nephew and 'Lil Cousin

I know there are a hundred other photo studios offering the same service in the Philippines, so why The Picture Company?  Well, first off,  I like their brand.  And second, they have been tried and tested by my family already, having gifted my bro with a photoshoot for his son, a.k.a.the Favorite Nephew, last 2010.  That time at their Rockwell branch.

Their stores are developed with the kids in mind (also for the kids at heart, as evidenced by how much both my favorite nephew and younger "teen" cousins enjoyed their reception area).

My rockin' nephew!

Any photographer wishing to enter the child photography business HAS to know and love dealing with little kiddies.  They're fussy at times and aren't as amiable to having their photos taken.  Which is why I love The Picture Company since they really know how to deal with tots.

The models thinking about their poses

I really love how accomodating and considerate the staff are.  The Little One was so fussy that time and was quite a handful.  Good thing our photographer was very patient with her and even wanted to reschedule us at a later date (when the Little One was in a more cooperative mood) at no extra charge!  Now that's service!

The Little One taking direction from our photographer

But alas!  It could not be as we were due to depart for Singapore the following day.  So we made do the best we can and had these shots to show for all our combined valiant efforts.

The Little One as a flower baby

The Little One and the Favorite Nephew.  She was crying a little,
but heck!  She still looked cute!

And the great service didn't stop there.  Since it takes a few days before I could claim our prints and with us in the Lion City by that time already, I've been meaning to just leave my receipt at home and have the Bro claim the photos on my behalf.

However, with all the chaos of last minute packing and farewells, it simply slipped my mind, hence, the form went with us to our new home.  Days later, as I was unpacking our stuff, I came across the dratted form and frantically emailed The Picture Company in Mall of Asia to inform them of such.  Not only did they accommodate my request, they were also kind enough to inform the Bro, through a text beforehand, when the photos could be claimed.

And that's not all, folks!  Quite recently, they held a special promotion for old clients -- a free photo session plus digital file.  Quickly emailing my sister-in-law, I told her to ask if they could still avail the promo even if I was not in Manila, since both sessions we had (the earlier one with the Favorite Nephew last 2010 and the more recent one this year) were under my name.  They more than readily accompanied our request as they had records of our past sessions.

Oh, The Picture Company!  I could never thank you enough.  I hope you continue on with such great service that we have been receiving.  I'm envisioning bringing in my future (in the very faaaaaarrrr future) apo (grandchild) to one of your stores, too.  J


The Picture Company


  1. kudos for the great service. i haven't tried photo studio because my son is not cooperative. we had a hard time when we applied for his passport and when we need to submit id picture for his school record.

  2. Wow, that is indeed great costumer service. I wish we have more of that here. Speaking of taking photos of kids, that is an interesting venture. :-)

  3. Yun nga eh.. haven't had a studio shot of my daughter when she was just a baby. Ang pagsisis talaga nasa huli. Fortunately, with the digital camera, I was able to record her growing up by taking a picture of her at least once a month.

  4. Fave ko yung my sunflower sa ulo! Ang kyut kyut!

  5. that's really great service!!!!

    you're so nice to rave about them:-).

    1. Paying it forward lang. I felt that it was due them and they deserve it. =)

  6. Oh good gosh! That last photo is adorable! Oh wow! I just want to pinch cheeks!


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