Tuesday, August 21, 2012

RIP Sec. Jesse Robredo

I usually veer away from posting anything political in nature, in respect to my readers who may or may not share the same views that I have; but this, I feel, is a different matter altogether. 

We have lost another great public servant.  May you rest in peace Sec. Jesse Robredo.  The Philippines was extremely lucky for have you, even for just a short while...

May we be lucky enough to find more like him in public service.


  1. I do not know him but I've seen tweets about his death. People seem to be really sad about his death and so I read a little about him. I was dismaid. Every articles I see about him tells me he's an authentic good man. Too bad for Philippines. We are badly in need of public servant in him. May he rest in peace and may he bless and guide the Philippines from wherever he is now.

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  2. I hope more people will emulate him. May you rest in peace, Sec. Robredo.


  3. We were living in the same barangay in Naga City. In the morning, you would see him riding his bike and flashing his smile to everyone who calls him. Such a great loss.


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