Friday, March 2, 2012

Reportage on Crime by Quijano de Manila

Every now and then I find a really good unexpected read stuffed in between old, dusty tomes in book fairs and events that the public usually disregard.  Reportage on Crime by Quijano de Manila is definitely one of them.

Quijano de Manila's Reportage on Crime

Writting under the pen Quijano de Manila, Reportage on Crime is a collection of atrocious real-life crimes that happened in the country.  Written by none other than National Artist for Literature Nick Joaquin himself, who writes about these interesting headline-catching stories that happened during his journalistic career.

Told in engaging narratives, the book tries to delve deeper into the crimes, giving the necessary in-depth background information that are not usually included in the broadsheets.  Take the story of Dr. Leonardo Quitangon who finds himself caught up in a dangerous battle with his father-in-law in The House on Zapote Street.  Be aghast by the tale of the 2 little girls thought to be possessed by demons and who suffered a DIY exorcism by their own father in The Exorcists -- Filipino Style.  There's also a portion which mentions young "teen" stars (then) Fernando Poe Jr. and Erap Estrada.

I love how the the book gives the readers more background information on the news.  It gives the players more depth and personalities.  Who knew everyday life could be as tragic and horrible as any twisted fiction novel? 

From just news to feature story,  Reportage on Crime is one definitely interesting read.


Reportage on Crime (Php295) is found where Anvil books are sold.


  1. interesting! you know i got to work with Nick Joaquin long ago! twas a great experience!

  2. Wow! Lucky you! I've always wondered how our literary geniuses act during ordinart, everyday situations. =)

  3. This looks like an interesting read.


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